Thursday, August 20, 2020

Democratic National Convention - 2020 Highlights

National Anthem


Her Dad's pre-existing condition was believing in Trump

50 State Roll Call for the Nomination

Friday, June 19, 2020

Happy 80th Birthday, Dearest Grandpa

Loving messages from Family & Friends - Grandpa's 80th Birthday Celebratiions

Zoom Celebration - Pictures from 80th Birthday celebrations

Washington Senator Manka Dhingra greets on 80th Birthday

Thank you so much, Senator Manka Dhingra. We all really appreciate your affection and message on Dad's 80th Birthday. Thank you for representing Washingtonians in the Senate so well.

80th Birthday Celebrations

Dear Family & Friends,
Hearty thanks for celebrating 80th Birthday of Grandpa Somayya Kasani with all of us. Grandpa and we all felt we were in the midst of you. We loved all the messages, poems, best wishes, greetings and video messages that we received. They are very loving, kind messages based on Grandpa's life and friendship with you. Grandpa and we all will cherish them forever.
Meeting over Zoom is new to many of us. Our celebration included family & friends joining from 15+ cities and villages globally including Grandpa's birth place Devaruppala, India. Our world is truly a small village now.

Short video about Grandpa:

Messages received for Grandpa:

Zoom celebration pictures (thanks Dear friends for capturing these and sharing):

Vikram, Vinod, Pragathi, Prabhat