Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thought For The Day

Dear Children, GOOD EVENING!

We, your dear mom and I are fine here. Tomorrow Mr. Mundi, his nephew Mr. Balawanth and I are going on a trip to the city, Edmonton in the morning. And we shall come back home in the evening. Report of my trip follows to you, in my next mail.

Have a nice day , dear all.
with love, Naana

A Wave of Comfort

Drop a pebble in the water,
just a splash and it is gone;
But there are half a Hundred ripples curling on,
and on, and on;
Spreading, spreading, spreading from the centre,
flowing on to the sea;
There's not a way of telling where the end is going be.

Drop a word of cheer and kindness,
in a minute you forget;
There's gladness still a-swelling and
there's joy a-circling yet,
You've rolled a wave of comfort
whose sweet music can be heard
Over miles and miles of water,
just by dropping a kind word.