Sunday, November 11, 2007

Edmonton - 2007 Cultural Capital of Canada - Building Connections to Arts and Culture for all Edmontonians

Dear Children,

The Government of Canada announced on May 31, 2002 the creation of Cultural Capitals of Canada. This national program recognizes and supports municipalities that already demonstrate support for arts, culture and heritage as integral to community life. The designation " Cultural Capital" is awarded to cities demonstrating ability to celebrate and build a legacy for arts and culture, and also demonstrating a good track record of past achievements.

Edmonton is honored and excited to receive this prestigious award and be designated the 2007 Cultural Capital of Canada. Cities previously awarded the cultural capital of Canada designation are: 2003 Vancouver, 2004 Regina, 2005 Toronto, 2006 Saskatoon.

Currently, the maximum amount that can be awarded to a city designated as Cultural Capital is $2, 000, 000. In addition to this amount, the city of Edmonton is contributing $667, 000 for the celebration.

With Love, Amma-Naana