Saturday, December 22, 2007

To Dear Pragathi...From Naanamma & Tataiah...

Dear Pragathi, Good Morning.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008 and Good tidings to you wherever you are...

How are you? How are your loving parents? And grandparents? Are you keeping them a little more busy? That is Okay.

It is their pleasure to be with you, enjoying your loving company.
As you grow well day by day they too grow with their rich experience in helping you grow up.

Not only you and your loving parents but we, your grandparents as well need to grow well to serve you better.

Dear Pragathi, I would like to submit my progress report to you since October, 2007.

I am learning at the speed of life...taking the help from the great, Metro Continuing Education, in our pretty town Edmonton. I got 94.5% of marks in my Final Assessment Test.

My dear teacher Estella admired my persistent effort. And she also told me that I'll be a good model for the younger students.

In fact that is what I desire to be. I want to be good model for you, dear Pragathi. I do continue my study at Metro. And our next session starts on January 7, 2008 at 8: 45 a m.

I am really very grateful to my teachers, Lynda and Estella, who taught us with their heart. They put their best efforts to our development.

More in my next e-mail,
With Love, Your Edmonton Grandpa

My Dearest Tataiah

My hearty Congratulations and loving wishes to you and Nanamma. Congratulations on standing TOP of the class of software engineers and working professionals from around the world. As your learned teacher Estella has said you are the best role model for the young, but especially for me.

I will take your loving, positive and ever-creative qualities; your determination, good nature and courage as my inspiration and will try my best to inculcate those into me thru sincere work. You are my guide and I will always look forward to your support, encouragement and mentoring.

I will also give my progress report to you. I am growing well at the same time enjoying the growth. Recently I had a chance to meet with my pediatrician and she congratulated me on my health as well as my cheerful nature. I will continue to enjoy growth and look forward to playing and learning from all my elders.

Thank you for the loving greetings on the occasion of Merry Christmas and New year 2008. My love and greetings to you, Nanamma and all our near & dear.

Your Loving Grand Daughter

Dear Aunty & Uncle,

Happy to receive your mail. Hearty Congratulations on successful completion of your course. Glad to know that you received excellent score in your course.

Yes Uncle, dear Pragathi will look forward to your guidings and all the good qualities that you have. It is very inspiring that you have completed this course in spite of severe weather conditions.

Pragathi is doing excellent, she is growing very well in all regards. She loves smiling. She makes us smile with her cheerful nature. Pragathi likes to coo alot. She communicates with her cooing. She is almost 3 ½ months now,. She is lifting her head straight and enjoys her gym very much. Pragathi’s other favourite activities are observing her sorroundings keenly, enjoys bath in her small tub and cooing with all of us & her toys. We are enjoying every second of sweet Pragathi's presence.

Merry Chritmas & Happy New year to you & Aunty from Pragathi & all of us. And also best wishes for your next session.

With Love