Thursday, September 25, 2008

ANKUR - Multicultural Event

I am a Canadian : By Clint Buehler

Being a Canadian means standing proudly and fearlessly to proclaim, I am Canadian.

I am a Canadian. My skin is black and brown and red and white and yellow and a rainbow of those in combination.

My God has many names, for my religion is Catholic and Protestant and Jewish and Islamic and Budhist and many more - even agnostic and atheist.

My ancestors came from many lands, some only recently and some long centuries ago.
My language is as many toungues as there are countries in this world and more.
My philosophy and politics range across the whole spectrum of man's belief and understanding and experience.

These things make me what I am as an individual, make me unique. They determine my part in the mosaic of this nation when I proudly say; I am Canadian.