Monday, May 11, 2009

Greetings From Lillian

Congratulations Somayya.

This is wonderful news and you will be excellent in the Multicultural group. It is something we need so much more of here in the states.. For such a melting pot of cultures they rarely mix and make an effort to understand each other which is what is necessary for the world to be at peace.

My entire life has been spent seeking out and learning about the various cultures in the world. Some welcome me and others do not. I find it very sad sometimes.

So! What is happening with me?
After spending last summer in New Mexico at St John's College in total utter bliss I came home longing for more education and more learning. Having been interested in librarianship I decided to go after it so I would never have to regret having tried.

I spent three months studying for the Graduate Record Exam (a useless exam that reveals nothing about one's knowledge) and then three months preparing the application form. It was an arduous process. April first I was notified I was accepted into the MLIS program (Masters in Librarianship and Information Science) and will begin school in September.

I am both nervous and excited. Information technology is frightening to me and yet I am aware of what a huge role it plays in today's society.

In July I go to Toronto for a week long discussion of Tolstoy's epic novel War and Peace. I am very much looking forward to both the discussion and visiting Toronto. It is a lovely city. I will chat more next email.

Part of the reason I have been delinquent is because I still have 'dial-up' and my home PC is extraordinarily slow. You cannot imagine! I am currently emailing you from the library and the speed is bliss.

With loving thoughts,