Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A couple of days back I received an email from my former instructor at Campbell College enquiring about my whereabouts and what I was doing now? I told her that my passion for learning is continuing and that I am taking a “Speech-craft Course”. I also told her that I would be delivering my first 5-6 minute speech. She was delighted and wished me the best of luck.

So here I am, making my first speech – part of the Speech-craft Course to improve my communication skills, to organize my thoughts, to speak in front of audiences, and convey my message clearly, effectively and meaningfully.

My assignment is to introduce myself. The purpose is to provide you a brief biography of myself and share my life.

I am dividing my presentation in four different parts: Early childhood and youth; employment and raising a family; moving to Canada; and my current activities.

1. Early Childhood and Youth:

I come from a remote village in southern India, where I was born and brought up. There was no local school until 1947. The country was under the British rule. So at the age of seven I started studying in a school established after India became independent. After completing my junior high school, I moved to the nearest town where I graduated with a Higher Secondary Diploma in the year 1959. Then I joined the Arts & Science College in Warangal for my pre-university course. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in the year 1966. In 1971, I completed my Bachelor of Education degree.

2. Employment and Raising a Family:

I married Vijayalakshmi in the year 1968. I was already working as a High School teacher at that time.

My wife, Vijayalakshmi and I have three children. We call them our sweet Three Aparna, Ajay and Anupama were my students in a school where I was working. All the three children proceeded for higher education and are now successful in their careers as scientists and software developers. They specialized in their training, selected partners of their choice and eventually moved to North America.

3. Moving to Canada:

After my retirement, my wife and I moved to Edmonton to be close to our children and grandchildren. One of the reasons I wanted to come to Canada was the people. I have found the people here are extraordinarily kind and friendly. I would like to think I have those qualities as well. I would also like to think my personality and my continuing contributions appeal to them.

4. My Current Activities:

I am an active person, a player and not a spectator. This has been my dream. As result of my passion, I have been involved with many people and groups. Soon after my arrival in Edmonton, I joined the Andhra Cultural Association, Edmonton Ankur Multicultural Association for Performing Arts and the New Democratic Party of Alberta. To reach my full potential and to fulfill my responsibilities, I have completed various courses, namely LINC and the Administrative Professional Diploma. I am now enrolled in Speech-craft course.

In NDP, I have met several committed individuals with similar interests and values. They have all inspired me and are enabling me to stick with my vision. I dream for a just society. People like Bob Price, Charan, Cynthia and Bohdan and others are unique people on our team whose encouragement helps me in my daily life and in the pursuit of my dreams. I personally share their social democratic principles and their strong belief in equality and social justice.

What do I expect to acquire from these new experiences? I should be in a position to accept a leadership role if situation demands. I hope I will reach that potential with the help of my associates.

I believe in dreaming big. I had dreamt of my children’s success and happiness. I had dreamt of coming to Canada. Many of my dreams have materialized. Now I have some advice to give to others in my position.

Dare to dream! Dare to fulfill and dare to conquer! Start dreaming big building foundations. Dream big because dreams do come true.

Thank you

Somayya Kasani