Friday, June 11, 2010

My Impressions of Pinnacle 2010

I would like to write about ‘Pinnacle 2010 IIM USA Global Convention’ that took place on June 5th in San Jose, at The Ranch Golf club.

I don’t fit the profile of a typical attendee of IIM USA convention. However, I am very glad to have attended Pinnacle 2010 and, based on the reception, I am hoping you are glad to have hosted me :-)

I am a retired teacher from India and am now living in Edmonton, Canada. Similar to a typical IIM graduate, I am enthusiastic and feel the best days are ahead of us for our world and that we will need to work to get there.

The most notable impressions that I got at the convention include - friendly interactions among attendees, sharing of tips N tricks applicable to day to day work life, networking and sharing a common bond of ‘One IIM Alumni’ family. I attended the day long program. My grandson Prabhat Kiran and his loving parents brought me to the venue by 7:45 AM. Registration started at 8 AM and attendees started networking over coffee soon after. The sessions in-cluded some very interesting presentations by eminent speakers.

* Dr. Gusta Rabin spoke on Transformational Leadership after Ashima Jain’s welcome address. Dr. Robin is a licensed psychologist with 20 years of experience in partnering with clients to improve leadership, teams, and organizational performance.

* Networking was done during the beak again. I could meet and greet Alan L Krishnan, Executive Vice President who introduced me to the delegates from the dais.

* Jessica Notini spoke on ‘Mastering the Art of Negotiation’ after Coffee Break. Jessica Notini is a full-time mediator, trainer, negotiation coach and facilitator practicing in California and internationally.

* Venky Harinarayan spoke on ‘The ins and outs of Motivating a Team through Different stages of Growth’. Venky developed the first ecommerce search engine, Junglee, which was acquired by in 1998 for $250million.

* Professor Vivek wadhwa spoke on ‘How have Indians done so well in the US’. Vivek is a fellow with the Labour and Work life Program at Harvard Law School.

* There was a very interesting session after our lunch on ‘Leveraging global networks to build and communicate your personal brand’. Jafar Adibi, Samar Das, Seval Oz Ozveren were panellists. Dr. Rathi Almaula was the moderator.

* Gary Guller Mt. Everest Smmiteer was the keynote speaker who spoke on ‘Making others Greater and Success is Guaranteed’ followed by Happy Hour. He gifted a CD on his ascent of Mt. Everest to my grandson Prabhat.

* Jollywood Dance Group has provided us great entertainment before our Dinner. I observed delegates are very keen/ conscious of their networking.

* One topic that can be of interest in a future convention is ‘Role of MBAs in enabling a better world for all’.

* I met with most of the delegates at the convention, and got a chance to interact more with Ashima Jain, Hemanta Jain, Alan L Krishnan, Ankit Jain, Madhu Hittuvalli, Jessica Notini, Ravi Pattamatta, Gustvo Robin, Rathi M Almaula, Sekhar Reddy, Jafar Adibi, Gary Guller, Yella Yellapragada. I hope that more people can join these use-ful conventions in future and I hope IIM USA will encourage people from all walks of life to benefit from these.