Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Youngest to state all the U.S capitals - Shruthi Vairavan

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Source: World Records

REDMOND, WA, USA -- 25 months old Shruthi Vairavan (the daughter of Siva and Palani Vairavan) can name all the United States capitals - setting the new world record for the Youngest to state all the U.S capitals.

Her mother, Mrs. Sivagami Arunachalam, says: "she has other talents too. She can identify all capital letters. She is the youngest as far as I have verified to tell all the US state capitals as of now.

"There are other kids who have said all the capitals but they are all above 27 months of age. Shruthi is the first to say all the capitals at a very young age of 25months."

"Shruthi is a very smart and intelligent girl. She loves to read books and paint on all surfaces that she can get a hold on (including her baby brother's tummy).

"Shruthi can recognise all capital letters and can count up to 30. Also Shruthi can identify basic colors. Shruthi has an amazing memory power that motivated us to teach her all state capitals. she is right now learning about countries and their capitals.

"Shruthi loves to listen and watch rhymes. She can sing more than 20 rhymes now. Shruthi is a very active kid and likes to explore a lot. Shruthi spends at least an hour with books in a day.

We either read to her or she flips the pages and identifies objects or characters on the books. This has been a routine in the family for more than a year now.

"We, Siva and Palani Vairavan are both software engineers. We make sure we dedicate at least an hour each with Shruthi per day. This has encouraged Shruthi's reading habit as well as given her a quality play time.

We would encourage and help Shruthi to attain what she aspires for. As far as stating the capitals, it has all been her dad's effort and all the credit goes to him. Palani has been her mentor on this."