Friday, June 19, 2015

Robert Price - Biography

Robert was born in Bassano, Alberta, in 1940. Later his family moved to the coal-mining town of Nordegg and lived there until 1949 when the family moved to Redwater, an oil town about 70 kilometres north of Edmonton. Robert graduated from Redwater High School in 1958, moving on the University of Alberta Faculty of Education. He graduated with a B.Ed. in 1963 with a major in social studies and a minor in English. He completed his B.A. degree in 1967 after several summer sessions and one year at the University of Alberta.

Robert first teaching assignment was at Newbrook, a tiny community north of Edmonton. Later, during the 1960’s and 1970’s he taught at Evansburg, Niton, and Hinton for Yellowhead School Division. During this time he participated in several activities involving the Alberta Teachers’ Association, several community organizations, coached in school sports, and was a founding member of the Yellowhead Athletic Association. Robert also served as vice-principal at Niton Central School from 1970-74.

Later, Robert taught at Valleyview High School, Innisfail, Centennial Montesorri School and the Grande Cache campus of Grande Prairie Regional College, serving as campus coordinator from 1997-2003.

Robert first joined the New Democratic Party in 1968, campaigning for Grant Notley when he ran in Whitecourt-Edson Constituency. In 1971, Robert ran as NDP campaign in the same riding. Since then, he canvassed in a number of political campaigns for the party including those of Noel Lapierre in West Yellowhead. Robert was an organizer and speechwriter, as well as member of the executive, serving as president and treasurer at various time.

In 2003, Robert moved to Edmonton, did some tutoring and became involved in the Edmonton-Rutherford Provincial Constituency where he served as treasurer as well a becoming the official agent for candidates in 2008 and 2012. Also, he campaigned in several Federal campaigns, serving as president of Edmonton-Leduc from 2007-2011.

Robert also attended the Provincial Council during his years a s a party member and as well as a number of Provincial Conventions. 

Robert graduated from high school in Redwater, a small oil town about 70 kilos north of Edmonton and attended the University of Alberta.
1963- Graduated from U of A with B.Ed degree with a major in social studies and a minor in English.
1967- Graduated from U of A with a B.A. degree with a major history.
1979-80- Took courses in journalism at SAIT in Calgary.
1987-90- Took courses towards a diploma in adult education and teaching English as a Second language

Taught for 35 years in school systems in Alberta:
1. Public-Yellowhead School Division- 1963- 1976
2. Public- East Smoky School Division- 1977-79
3. Private- Montessori School – Edmonton – 1982-1988
4. Grande Prairie Regional College (Grande Cache Campus) – 1992-2003
5. Served as vice-principal of Niton Central School from 1970-74.
6. Served as campus co-ordinator at Grande Cache Campus- 1997-2003.
7. Did private tutoring for a number of years as well in subjects like social studies, English, English as a Second Language and mathematics.

1. Served as coach and co-ordinator for a variety of high school sports including volleyball and basketball while teaching at several schools. Won several championships in both these sports.
2. Member of the Yellowhead Athletic Committee for ten years and wrote the original constitution for that organization.
3. Served as a member of the Alberta Social Studies Council and treasurer for the local organization for two years.
4. Served as sub-local president and secretary for a number of years from 1963-74.
5. Also served several years as ARA representative for Alberta teachers.
6. Member of the board of a native outreach organization while in Grande Cache. From 1997-2002.
7. Member and treasurer of the community organization in Niton Junction.
8. Has done much writing including several novels, short stories, and over 200 essays.

1. Became a party member in 1968.
2. Campaigned for Grant Notley in 1968 election.
3. Ran as a NDP candidate for Whitecourt-Edson (old name) in 1971.
4. Continued to campaign for a variety of different candidates in West Yellowhead and Innisfail.
5. Was Grande Cache coordinator for Noel Lapierre during the 1990’s during several of his campaigns and did a lot of organizing and door knocking.
6. Served as Noel’s speechwriter during a couple of campaigns.
7. Since moving to Edmonton, Robert has campaigned in a number of elections including the Provincial ones in 2004, 2008 and 2012 and the Federal ones in 2006, 2008, and 2012.
9. President of Edmonton-Leduc Federal Riding from 2007-2011.
10. 9. Treasurer of Edmonton-Rutherford Provincial Riding from 2007-to present.
10.Official Agent for Provincial Candidates in Edmonton-Rutherford in 2008 and 2012.
11.Wrote political articles and letters to Journal and also wrote articles on leadership candidates for Edmonton-Leduc newsletter.