Monday, May 29, 2006

A mail from your loving uncle

Latta Court

Dear Sushma,

How are you? I and your loving aunty, Vijayalakshmi came to Edmonton, Canada on 25th of May, 2006. Mr. Kamalesh had received us at the airport. Our journey from Hyderabad to Edmonton was comfortable. Our dear Ajay had met us and greeted us on our way to Edmonton at Vancouver.

Four days have already passed. Aunty and I become involved a couple of Birthday parties at our neibourhood along with our dear Aparna and Kamalesh during the weekend. Dear Ajay and our Ranamma are greeting us daily from Seattle at their convenience.

How is your profession? Are you working hard? How is your senior? Is she guiding well?
Thanks to electronic media, we are able to communicate with the people living at the distant places. You are able to communicate with your dear sister Nicky, with your loving brother Sudheer and with your dear loving parents.

More in my next mail,

With love,
Your Uncle, Somayya Kasani