Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vani - 2008 Is Now Ready For Launching Today At ACA Edmonton Annual Function...

Good Evening Dear ACAian Friends,

As the literary secretary of our Andhra Cultural Association, I would like to thank all who contributed their articles to Vani – 2008.

I would like to acknowledge and give my sincere thanks to Mr. E. Nageswar Rao, a founder member of our association for his message and good wishes for the success of our function. I also give special thanks to Mrs. Lalitha Kumari, the parent of Indrani, for her beautiful poems as well as Mr. & Mrs. Anand Vishnubhotla who have encouraged me by contributing their articles.

I would also like to sincerely thank Mr. Murthy Pariti for working with me in ensuring that Vani was ready and in good shape for publication.

As the literary secretary, I took the responsibility of getting our website designed. Mr. Rambabu Madabattula, Praveen Baradi inspired me to accept the job. Mr. Basappa Sharana and Mr. Murahari Valupadas have been my main supporters throughout. Mr. K S Rao and Mrs. Suseela Mathukumalli helped me in getting to know the history of Andhra Cultural Association, Edmonton. All my family members helped me with their constant feedback in my endeavor.

I am very grateful to our community which offered me a place on the executive of ACA Edmonton as Literary Secretary to serve the community for a year. I wish you all to attend our annual function and make it a complete success. Thank you one and all at this auspicious occasion.

Sincerely, Somayya Kasani