Monday, October 09, 2017

Something I want to hold onto - My poem for Creative Writing class

                                     "Something I want to hold onto."

                        LIFE IS TO LIVE, HAVE A GOOD TIME OF IT
       "The best things in life to hold onto are the people we love, 
                 the places we go, and memories we make."

Life offers many opportunities
to make sweet, beautiful memories.
Family, friends, hopes, places are very dear.
I love to keep them in my heart very near

I'll take advantage of precious opportunities
While they still sparkle before me.
I always believe that my ultimate goal - happiness
Which is attainable as long as I commit myself to it.

Edmonton is a city of festivals
Where I have many dear friends:
Our Coffee Group, SUN, NDP, ETCA, SALT
ELLA, Campbell College, Magrath, Ankur, & Metro.

Our Group is close well-knit and fun,
Discusses all topics under the sun
We live, laugh, celebrate our life,
To help us with our daily strife.

By Somayya Kasani

 Hello Somayya

Its fabulous that you are continuing your education!  You inspire me immensely.  All is well here, the weather has been lovely, no snow yet. Your home looks good, nothing to concern yourself about.

When do you return?




Dear Somayya

I loved your poem. By all means submit it as it is.

All the best



Hello Somayya:

Thank you for sharing your well-written, thought-provoking, and caring piece of poetry.

I like it and I am looking forward to your teacher’s professional and literary comments. Keep up the good and please convey our regards to Mrs. Kasani.

Always the best,



I like the poem, particularly the first 2 stanzas but it is all well done.

Lars Hansen from my office will be emailing you an invite for the Telugu group and you to attend a Diwali celebration Oct 20 at the Federal Building.

Dr. Bob MLA Edmonton - Whitemud Provincial Constituency.


I like this poem a lot. It's nice! Good job..