Monday, October 23, 2017

Sometimes, the best therapy is a long drive & music !!

I've a friend named Dee Roodehchi, in Atlanta, Georgia, who's a Builder. Dee is outdoorsy, outgoing, and positive person. He likes driving in mountains, family gatherings, and other get togethers. So do I. 
He studied Accountancy in University of Georgia. He married Soheila Farjad in the year 1992. They are enjoying their married life together for 25 years.

Dee and Soheila have a daughter named Sahar, and a son named Saam. Sahar and Saam are twins. They are beautiful and growing up well.

Sahar graduated with BA in English from Tufts University in May 2017 and has a job in Washington DC. She is a media analyst.

Saam is studying Mechanical Engineering in Georgia Tech. He will graduate in May 2018.