Monday, October 16, 2017

What 3 things Illustrate what your life is about?

My Learning through formal, non-formal and informal education illustrate about my life, who I am !!

For the last almost TWENTY YEARS I'm learning through non formal and informal education. Through non formal learning I have been learning mostly technology. Through informal learning I have been enlarging my life experiences.
I'm regularly taking Spring Courses through Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association, Fall Courses through TELOS. Some of them are non-formal but mostly informal. There is no doubt these Courses bridges gap between the school and life. Make learning accessible in every day life and in the future.

Informal Education is driven by conversation and interacting with others. Our Coffee Group, Our Maitri Group, and my association with several seniors organizations, besides several social, cultural and political enable me to act freely in unknown situations.

My informal education  focuses on values that provide ability to create my own identity. Through my formal education I got a bachelor degree in Arts, and another bachelor degree in a Education. They enabled me to serve  in Education department as a teacher. I worked for 33 years and retired in the year June 30, 1998.

Somayya Kasani 
Comment by  Doris Toppen Northstrom, Instructor for Creative Writing:
Your story is amazing I'm overwhelmed by your motivation - look forward to hearing it in class tomorrow