Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Describe Your Day - A Creative Writing Session at My School Today - And Here Is How I Described My Day

Just now we had our coffee/ tea, offered by our school. It is a treat given to us for coming to school even in severe weather. Our school tries to change our negative feelings to positive feelings, so we are very thankful to the principal and the staff.

Yesterday and today the weather is bad in our pretty city, Edmonton. And it is going to be harsh for the next couple of days too. The roads are full of snow. Especially the parking places are filled with a lot of snow. And driving the cars and also parking at the destination is a difficulty to manage during the trips.

Today the temperature in the city is - 44. It is also windy. So we are experiencing the bitter cold weather. The visibility is very poor today due to fog. If you just put your foot on the brake, the car skids. So it is becoming very difficult to drive especially at the intersections.

But the positive attitude of Canadians is praise-worthy. They always try accepting and enjoying the situations, which many may consider the most unpleasant ones. They explore many winter games / sports such as skiing and skating. Canadians always try to make the negative stress into positive stress. They are, I am sure are ideal examples of great poistive spirits to many who live in different parts of the globe.

Positive attitude towards life develops positive feelings and strong will to our life. So let us meet the challenge that come our way and gain experience and satisfaction in our life. Let us try to enjoy all the 365 days of the year with positive attitude and without a complaint.

~Somayya Kasani