Saturday, February 23, 2008

5th International Mother Language Day - Words are colourful threads that seam the world together.

5th International Mother Language Day.
Date: February 23, 2008 at 11 AM-2 PM

Dear All,

There is an upcoming event called, "5th International Mother Language Day", hosted by IHLA (International Heritage Language Association) on February 23rd, 2008 (next saturday) between 11:00am -2:00 pm at City Hall in Edmonton.

This Year, Our Telugu School also became a member and is participating in the event for which we have already sent, essays written by the Group 3 kids and posters (prepared by Group 1 and 2 kids).

For the details about the event and IHLA please follow the link

On that day (Next saturday, Feb.23rd) all the different language schools are participating in the event and each school has been allotted specific timings. Our Telugu school is presenting between 12:15 to 12:45 pm.

All the parents and friends are also welcomed to that event. It willl give us an opportunity to see how other language schools in Edmonon are doing.

For further information please browse through IHLA web page : and click on February events and then on Resource centre and then past projects .



We congratulate the students, staff and the principal of Telugu School of Edmonton for participating in 5th International Mother Language Day Celebrations at City Hall organized by IHLA ( International and Heritage Languages Association) Edmonton.

Through our ongoing efforts to promote the importance of keeping Mother Languages alive, we are greatly enriching Edmonton's reputation as a world - class city, a city where people from all nations can feel at home.

Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do, to make our community truly great.

With Best Wishes,
Executive, ACA Edmonton.

Language is freedom. Every language leads to a new world.