Saturday, February 16, 2008

Whitemud NDP Candidate Hana Razga's Talk

Dear Children,

I am writing this e-mail from Riverbend Public Library. I came here this morning at 10 a.m. and attended a Talk of Alberta - Whitemud NDP Candidate Hana Razga.

- Quality affordable long term care for seniors.
- A larger share of royalties for Albertans etc are some of NDA's election Promises to the people of Alberta.

She encouraged us to ask her questions, at the end of her Talk. I too asked her a question? She answered it, thanking me. My question was: What's our Province' s most pressing problem of today? She said: Environmental and Building /housing are the main problems of Alberta.

I met Charan Khehra, Bohdan Harasymiw, and Jim Growes besides Hana Razga and had some Snacks & Fruits.

Akkaiah will come in an hour to pick me up.

All of you have a nice long weekend.

With Love, Nana

Hana raised her family in the Riverdale neighbourhood.

Hana’s lengthy career as a Human Resources Consultant for the federal government has provided her with skills in communicating, mediating, team building, negotiating, collaboration.

She has been a committed volunteer (Alberta Women's Shelter, Big Sisters and Match International) and continuous supporter of Legal Education and Action Foundation (LEAF) Edmonton and LEAF National.

She is an active member in her community and neighbourhood.
Hana is dedicated to protecting the environment and supports Smart Growth* initiatives for our city particularly in the areas of housing, public transit and parks, recreation and culture.