Friday, May 04, 2007

Friends keep an eye on short comings.

Thank You very much madam, for your sincere and prompt feedback. Thank your very much. I always invite your feedback. When the student is ready, I hope the teacher appears.

I am proud of coming in contact with a worthy friend, the worthy teacher.

- Somayya Kasani

Dear Somaiah garu:

1. Just saw all aspects of ACA website. It looks good. Congratulations for your initiative and creativity for making a move towards restoring ACA to its well deserved position of respectability. After all, it is the very first Indian Cultural Organization in all of North America.

One comment re links: there are more links to US organizations than Canadian ones. None to the one from our sister city Calgary. They seem to have a Telugu group; I am not sure if it is a registered organization but certainly merits a link. There may be organizations in other Canadian cities like London, On or Montreal etc. Too much emphasis on US contacts only breeds branch plant mentality.

2. Re letter to Mr. Agnihotri: I don't know why he was selected to be addressed, but I hope you don't mind if I point out a few breeches of protocol.

a. Bharat Agnihotri is NOT the Leader of the Opposition (which fact he conveniently neglected to point out.). That honor belongs to the Honorable Kevin Taft, Ph. D.

b. In formal communications, all members of the legislature should be addressed as 'Hon.', short for 'Honorable' on the envelope if there is one and as 'Sir' in the body of the letter itself. These are rules of etiquette.

c. In an informal communication where no reference is made to his status in the legislature any form of address is acceptable, even a first name.

Hope you would excuse the liberty I took to make these points. I believe that everybody heaps praise; only friends keep an eye on short comings.