Sunday, April 01, 2007

Congratulations for a Job Well Done!


Excellent, Well done. congratulations! We (me and my friends) enjoyed the program thoroughly. It was one time, well organized, well choreographed, well performed and well presented.

Food was excellent; may be in future you want to see someone serve the snacks (easy for me to say to find a volunteer!)

Here is the address and Phone # for Pabla:

364 Renton Center Way S.W.
Renton, WA 98055
Phone: 425-228-4625

You can actually pay them by credit card. I will also call to see how he wants to deal with this.

I just wanted make one observaton; I thought the Panchanga sravanam went a bit too long, besides being out of place for the kind of audience. I would have enjoyed such program in a Library setting. Unfortunately I was unable enjoy such literary aspect with so much "surround" sound. I did see the hall was full, so there are some that were not talking were probably trying to attention

Best wishes and blessings,


Dear Lakshmi garu

Namaste. Hope you are doing well.

This is cordially inviting you once again for our Ugadi get-together day after tomorrow. Please confirm you are going to be there for sure.

Best Regards