Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Riddles For Fun

1] A boy went to a dentist to get his cavity filled. The boy was the dentist's son, but the dentist was not the boy's father. How can this be?

2] Take a sheet of newspaper. Now make two people stand on that newspaper so that they are face to face and they do not touch each other. You cannot tear the newspaper sheet.

3] There is a ping-pong ball fallen in a hole. The hole is just a little bigger than the ball around it, but it is much deeper, deeper than anybody's arm length. How will you take out the ball out? Remember that the hole is much deeper than anybody's arm length.

See the Riddles Answers

1] The boy was really the dentist's son and the dentist was really the boy's parent. The dentist was the boy's mother.

2]Any doorway will do. Place the sheet of newspaper in the doorway such that it is half at this side of the doorway and half is at the other side of the doorway. Close the door. Now two people can stand on the same sheet of newspaper without touching each other.

3] Fill the hole with water and the ball will float up.

Have a Nice Day, Amma-Naana