Monday, April 16, 2007

Life Style...

Dear Children,

"Lifestyle is nothing but the end result of the hundreds of decisions, large and small,that we make every day of our lives. "

The following is excerpt from my today's reading.

Wish you all a healthy Life Style.

With Love, Amma-Naana

Living well now is like putting money in a savings account. The dividends will come later, as you age. The better you are at "saving," the richer you will be when it comes time to reap the rewards.

"Chasing Life" does not contain any gimmicks. There is no single, simple key to a long, healthy life. It's human nature to want an easy solution, but there isn't one. Life is complicated.

I am now trying to eat better -- shooting for at least seven different colored foods a day. I'm also trying to reduce the stress in my life. Both will lower my risk of developing heart disease later.

I've also become aware of how attitude can have a profound effect on our health and longevity. A positive outlook means a healthier body, more often than not. A sense of worth, of family, of joy -- all these can have profound and positive effects on your physical well-being.

Aging was caused by the practice of unhealthy lifestyles passed on from generation to generation and the loss of vital moisture during a person's life.

When we have our health, it’s easier to enjoy life to the fullest.