Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life Without Struggles Is Like A Muscle Left Unused - It Will Slowly Shrink In Mass.

Dear Children,

A life without struggles only drive us towards degeneration. If we do not find ourselves challenged in our daily lives, we are seeking doom. Entropy - loss of order, of built-up structures - is a law of nature. All natural processes follow it, including our existence. Only with sufficient challenges which we make us struggle, we would seek self-improvement and progress, working against the laws of nature.

Humans developed intelligence in order to survive against the struggles and challenges they face. If we had no struggles, we would degenerate into bovine contentment and have no more brain power than other animals.

Living life without struggle would be nice. But in reality we learn from life's struggles.

Don't let your struggles get you down. Remember your life didn't begin with this struggle and it won't end with it either.

Have a Nice Day!