Saturday, June 19, 2021

Loving Messages from Grandchildren on the occasion of 81st Birthday

Prabhat Kiran

I wish you a very happy and hearty 81st birthday Tatayya!!! You are a very inspiring person in my life. Your life and persevering personality  is one many would wish to have. Everyday you do your best to meet 10,000 steps. I see you always reaching it every day. You are a visionary which the blind can see and deaf can hear. You always encourage me when I win chess tournaments, get very high marks in Piano Examinations. Even when I do small feats like making a basketball into the hoop, you always clap for me. Thank you for being my Grandpa! Once again, I wish you a very happy 81st birthday dear Tatayya!


Prabhat 👏🏻👏🏻❤👍🥳🥳🥳


Happy 81st Birthday Tatayya!!! You have lived a wonderful life by engaging in conversation and forming friendships with people from different walks of life. Your commitment to walking and meeting your target of 10000 steps everyday is inspiring to everyone. Keep up the great work   - 💓🙂 Pragathikonda


Happy Birthday 81st birthday Tatayya! 

For everyone, you have been a great inspiration in all aspects of life, whether it be health, socialization, or political activism. Thank you so much for all you have given to us, and no matter what you do, you will always earn 10 out of 10 marks 👌.




Dear Tatayya

I wish you the happiest 81st birthday. From a young age I’ve always admired your ability to pick up technology and use it like you were born in its generation. Many of my friends have found when they search up my name and are always very impressed when I tell them you made it. So I commend you for that and say keep it up! Keep exploring technology and life it continues to inspire the younger generation. I also aspire to be as politically active and social as you are. It is unmatched at your age. Wishing you the best and a happy and healthy life.

With love,


Saturday, February 20, 2021

Greetings from Aunty & Uncle

Dear Uncle and Aunty,

I read your mail yesterday, made me feel very sad and sorry, my heartfelt condolences to you and Aunty.

This Covid is taking toll all over the world, with some families facing very hard hit. I am sure Aunty must be going through lot of pain, staying long distance, not able to travel to attend last rituals. Very big hit for aunty loosing 2 healthy brothers in span of 6 months for this COVID, left a lifelong scar for her.

Our customs say that, attending last rituals is kind of mind and heart accepting the facts. Good that family in India made these arrangements through zoom. Please tell aunty, some people reach there before us and wait for us to reach there. This cycle goes on.......

We all must help Aunty to get enough strength to come out of this pain and difficult times. I am glad you are staying with Aparna and Anu. Both families keep you engaged and busy.

All scientists and doctors and health care working very hard to take care of this pandemic, still going out of control. Vaccines are here and hope this will help us get back to normal life soon.

The good news is India is doing good now with fewer cases and may be getting back to normal.

Please take care of Aunty,
Best regards,
Sailaja and Raghuram.

Dear Sailaja: Good Evening. How are you doing?

                       Aunty and I are doing well.  It’s more than a year we have been living here in Atlanta in the loving company of our two sweet daughters Aparna & Anupama and their families, in both places Alpharetta and Cumming.

                    Wherever we are, almost every weekend we are getting together for lunch, dinner or Coffee & Snacks. It’s fun, we feel, the time is flying with more speed than ever. We could celebrate all the festivals together, throughout the year 2020.

               This year 2020 had also brought us some sorrowful events too. Aunty’s younger brother Rambabu Bandari , retired excise inspector who visited us, North America earlier has passed away due to Covid-19 and recently Aunty’s Second brother Chandrasekhar Bandari, etired Mechanical engineer who worked for VRDE Madras has also passed away. Both of them were very healthy and active. We could celebrate their Life Journeys through Zooms along with Aunty’s siblings and their families.

     Luckily we are in the right place, in this pandemic period, our two daughters are taking good care of us. But it takes some more time for Aunty to be normal.

This evening I thought of you, Sailaja to share our feelings to you. Thank you.
We remain. Best Wishes to all.

With Love,
Aunty & Uncle

Saturday, February 06, 2021