Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Questions to reveal your life story

1)       Do you believe all religions are basically same?
2)       If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think would be leading a life more satisfying than yours?
3)       Do you think playing is more important than winning?
4)       Are you pursuing your big goals every day?
5)       Did you have to work during school / college?

6)       How important are unions in protecting the rights of workers?
7)       How can you become more knowledgeable and current in your field?
8)       As a teenager, what were your part time jobs?
9)       How might technology affect your job in 50 years?
10)     Who has helped you to up the ladder?

11)     What do you do at your home desk?
12)     Do enjoy what you do at work?
13)     Are you a better talker or listener?
14)     What are the THREE things you would most like to accomplish in the next year?
15)     When did you begin using a computer and why?

16)     Do you take initiative or just do what you are told?
17)     What motivates you most to go to work each day?
18)     What was the most creative or exciting place you have ever worked?
19)     Were you encouraged to explore all your talents and interests no matter how often they changed?
20)     If you came up with a brilliant idea, who are what might prevent you from implementing it?

21)     What is your favorite way of wasting time? What do you consider wasting time to be?
22)     Where did you grow up?
23)     Do you have any siblings?
24)     Who had the most positive influence on you?
25)     In what organization and extracurricular activities did you participate?

26)     What were your hobbies?
27)     At what age did you start school?
28)     What is something you did on Sundays?
29)     Where did your family go on vacation?
30)     What significant historic events took place during your elementary school days?

31)     What was the most difficult thing to overcome from your childhood?
32)     What is your vivid memory of your elementary school?
33)     Who was one of your most memorable teachers in elementary school?
34)     Did you have any serious accidents as a child?
35)     What were you called when you were younger and how did you feel about it?

36)     What kind of place was your village/town that you grew up in?
37)     What from your childhood proved most valuable?
38)     Were you generally popular or unpopular? Why?
39)     What did you do when you came home from school? What are your strongest memories of elementary school, junior high, and high school?
40)     Has anyone from your hometown become famous?

41)     What school books do you remember?
42)     What was the name of your high school?
43)     Do you think your school gave you a quality education?
44)     What do you do now to continue your education?
45)     What do you do now to continue your education?

46)     Did you go to college?
47)     What was your major in college and how did you pick up?
48)     What childlike quality have you maintained throughout your life?
49)     Do you have fonder memories of high school / or College?
50)     What was the toughest course you have ever taken and how did you get through it?

51)     What kind of grades did you get throughout school?
52)     How did you learn best: by listening, watching, reading, or doing?
53)     Do you raise your hand and ask questions?
54)     How many generations can you trace of your family’s heritage?
55)     What did you learn from your parents?

56)     What do you contribute to your family?
57)     How do you feel about your family? How warm is your family?
58)     Describe the ideal family?
59)     Which is better being a parent or grandparent?
60)     What family events or activities give you happy memories?

61)     Have accomplished more than your parents?
62)     What did you do during the summers as a kid?
63)     Describe your last family reunion and many family & relative attended?
64)     What were your parents’ distinguishing features?
65)     Describe each family member in one word?

66)     What THREE instructions would you leave loved ones on getting through life successfully?
67)     Tell a story you heard about one of your ancestors?
68)     How have friends enriched your life?
69)     Would you rather spend time with your family or with your friends?
70)     What is your favorite family photo?

71)     From whom have you received unconditional love and acceptance?
72)     What birthday party with friends do you remember well?
73)     What clubs, social groups and organizations do you belong to now?
74)     Would you rather have THREE very good friends or unlimited acquaintance
75)     Name 10 people you know and like?

76)     How often have you kept in touch with people you promised you would?
77)     How do you get the attention of your friends and family?
78)     Do you like constant company or to be alone at times?
79)     What’s more important to you: work and accomplishments or friends and family?
80)     Who is someone who encourages you?

81)     Are you quick or slow in making new friends?
82)     What was the kindest thing a stranger ever did for you?
83)     Do you write down your ideas?
84)     What’s something you would like to do to improve your life?
85)     In what ways you are creative?

86)     How much water do you drink every day?
87)     What is your daily routine?
88)     What websites do you go to everyday or fairly often?
89)     Are you generally on-time, early, or late-arriving?
90)     Do you have an organized wallet?

91)     Do establish routines?
92)     How much time do you spend reading each day?
93)     Do you seek out new experiences every day?
94)     What things do you do in the same order each day and how do you feel if you skip a step or miss a day?
95)     Do you enjoy writing? What type of writing?

96)     Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?
97)     What time of day do you feel more creative?
98)     What legacy would you like to leave?
99)     Do you try innovations or stick to tested methods?
100)  What are the most positive changes you have seen in your lifetime?

101)  What is your most treasured memory?     
102)  What was your most enjoyable club/ league/ team / to which you belonged?
103)  What is the most recent hobby you took up?
104)  What is your ideal hobby? How would it enrich your life?
105)  What is an activity that makes you feel alive?

106)  What significant social change would you like to see happen in your lifetime?
107)  What daily activity do you treasure more than any other?
108)  Can you manage life situations as easily as most people?
109)  In a film in your life, who would play the main characters?
110)  How can you stay one step ahead?

111)  What’s your vision for the future?
112)  Where is your largest time commitment?

Thursday, August 01, 2019