Friday, September 30, 2005

An Un Written Page from My Dad's Dairy - 1968

Written By: My Beloved Father, Written from: Edmonton, Canada..





I am an arts graduate, with English literature as an optional subject. I was twenty eight, according to the records available. And I have three years of service as a school teacher. I was working in a high school, as a school assistant, located 50 km from the city Warangal.

The schools were closed for summer vacation a day before. I could work till the last working day. When I reached home the following day, I saw a couple of persons from Nizamabad furnished with a car. They are close relatives to Mr & Mrs Bandari Laxmikantha Rao. One of them was their elder son - in - law, Mr.Gangadhar; the other was the only son of their brother, Mr. Gangaram, the retired school master.

On the invitation of Sri & Smt Bandari Laxmikantha Rao, I made my first visit to their home at Nizamabad accompanying one of my close friends. He is not only a friend, he is our close relative.we got down the bus, after six and half hour of our journey. In those days phones were not much in use or not with in the reach of us. We could not make any phone call to them before we started. Simply we could exchange letters by means of postal department.

We took a rickshaw and asked him to drop us in front of Jama Mazid, Town No 2 police station. I took out the paper, given to me by my elder brother from my shirt pocket and saw the door number in front of us. It tallied with one on the door.

But my companion suspected the home for a school, as large number of boys and girls were playing in their school uniforms. However he made an inquiry. He was not correct. That was not a school but the residence of Mr and Mrs Bandari Laxmi Kantha Rao.

Before we entered in to their first gate, I just had a glance at the children playing "Char Patter". There were few girls playing char patter, all in their 18s, or 20 years. And others were quite younger to them. Perhaps they are encouraging them by participating in the game, we don`t know? Later we came to know that the girl wearing that Green sari with white blouse was no one but the girl to whom we went there from Warangal to meet and greet. Her name is Vijaylakshmi.

We could confirm this only after the meet organized by her beloved parents and her beloved brothers. A couple of their close family friends also were there in the meet, who were more active than the others. Any how, we could exchange all our news and views. Initially there was much talk on the growing summer, and drinking water problems prevailing all over the district in specific and Andhra Pradesh in general.

In fact they have no drinking water problem. There was a water well, inside their home and a tap above the ground level. In Warangal we could find only a few places with taps above the level of the ground. Almost all others were below the ground.

We had been very much impressed by the girl, Vijayalakshmi and her family. And we could exchange our willingness to marry in the next month. However I had clear instructions not to tell them the result, before. I was expected to speak with my elder brother and other family members, and then, then only we need to intimate our acceptance with the post card.

You people all know, about my nature. I cannot hide my feelings and thoughts much.

In our return journey by bus, we had much talk on the Japan Transistor which we saw in their hands and about a baby girl always exchanged from one person to another person. We came to know that baby was the first grand - daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bandari Laxmikanth Rao, named Anuradha, people calling her ANU .. ANU... My companion also described their game Char Patter again and again in the bus.

On 3rd May 1968, I started to nizamabad accompanying few relatives after our dinner. That was May 4th early in the morning. The mike started singing… patnamlo shali bunda ... Pisal pisal bunda ...patnamlo ........

That was my marriage day! Ours is not an ideal marriage. It was a traditional one. But however we have an ideal for our marriage.

Siddaiah - Shantha, Siddaiah - Baleshwari, Ramaiah - Yashoda, Satya Narayana - Savitri, Mallesham - Yashoda came to Nizamabad from Hyderabad. Abbu Kistaiah, Dhubbaka Rajaiah along with couple other people came there next. Ramakrishna Reddy came with one of his friends via Hyderabad. Finally our people came with near and dear people from Warangal.

The marriage took place all day. And there was a procession in the evening in the city, at their neighborhood.

Everybody went back their homes after the marriage. On may 5th , we the newly wedded couple started to Warangal in the morning after our breakfast, taking leave from them all. Siddaiah - Shantha were with us, giving company in the journey.

January 7, is the birthday of my loving life-partner vijayalakshmi, your beloved mummy. Infact I wanted to write about her in this email. But i could not do it now. I shall write about her in my next mail...Vinod nana needs my attention now ...



Be Proud Of The Place In Which You Live. And Live in it, so that Your Place be Proud of You !

OUR SWEET HOME at Nizamabad was, is and will be an ideal place for our holidays for my wife Vijayalakshmi, for our sweet Three and for me too. After 1990 we could not spend much in vacations as our children had grown up, had to conceentrate more in their accademics.

But before that we were regularly getting a post card inviting all of us to spend vacattions in Nizamabad since 1968. Our children liked most the place, where they could enjoy total holidays. And from there they could visit other places where their uncles live and work.

Our children feel very proud of place Nizamabad, where they were born and even brought up mostly in their childhood. And So do we their loving parents felt re-freshed living in our holidays.

I am sure that place, GOLLA MALKU be very proud of them too.


Thought For The Day

1. There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living.

2. The price of greatness is responsibility.

3. The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself.

4. It is not strength, but ambition that drives us.

5. Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

6. There is in this world no greater force than the force of a man determined to rise.

7. Cherish the gifts of freedom everyday.

8. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

9. Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly.

10. Give every challenge your best shot.

11. Success is the sweetest when the effort is the hardest.


Dear Children,

The Most selfish One Letter word is ^?I^? - Avoid it
The Most satisfactory Two Letter word is ^?We^? - Use it
The most Poisonous Three Letter word is ^?EGO^? - Kill it
Most used For Letter Word is ^?LOVE^? - Value it
Most pleasing Five Letter word is ^?SMILE^? - Keep it
Fastest Six Letter word is ^?Rumour^? - Ignore it
Reward for Hardworking is Seven Letter Word ^?SUCCESS^? - Achieve it
Most enviable Eight Letter word is ^?Jealousy^? - Distance it
Most essential Nine Letter word is ^?Principle^? - have it
Most divine Ten Letter word is ^?Friendship^? - Maintain it "

With Love, Amma-Nana

Winners are people like you.

Winners take chances. Like everyone else, they fear failing, but they refuse to let fear control them.

Winners don't give up. When life gets rough, they hang in there until the going gets better.

Winners are flexible. They realize there is more than one way and are willing to try others.

Winners know they are not perfect. They respect their weaknesses while making the most of their strengths.

Winners fall, but they don't stay down. They stubbornly refuse to let a fall keep them from climbing.

Winners don't blame fate for their failures nor luck for their successes.

Winners accept responsibility for their lives.

Winners are positive thinkers who see good in all things. From the ordinary, they make the extraordinary.

Winners believe in the path they have chosen even when it's hard, even when others can't see where they are going.

Winners are patient. They know a goal is only as worthy as the effort that's required to achieve it.

Winners are people like you. They make this world a better place to be.

With Love, Amma-Nana

Small Steps...

Below are some entries from

1. Walk to work.
2. Use fat free milk over whole milk.
3. Do sit-ups in front of the TV.
4. Walk during lunch hour.
5. Drink water before a meal.
6. Eat leaner red meat & poultry.
7. Eat half your dessert.
8. Walk instead of driving whenever you can.
9. Take family walk after dinner.
10. Skate to work instead of driving.
11. Avoid food portions larger than your fist.
12. Mow lawn with push mower.
13. Increase the fiber in your diet.
14. Don't eat late at night
15. Play with your kids 30 minutes a day
16. Make a Saturday morning walk a group habit
17. Stretch before bed to give you more energy when you wake up
18. Drink lots of water
19. Join an exercise group

Dear All, have a wonderful day.

With Love,
Ranamma & Ajay Nana.

We cannot control people and situations that come to us, but we can always control our response to them

A Life Changing Experience...

It was a rainy, humid day: the mother of all bad hair days. I was riding on a bus downtown to go to work. The windows on the bus were covered in condensation so thick you couldn't see outside. Everyone was wilting. I was sitting next to a man in a business suit and didn't pay much attention until we both got off at the same stop and walked to the same newsstand to get a morning paper.

The man running the stand was obviously having a bad day. He was rude, abrupt and unsmiling as we purchased our papers, which served to only add more gloom to my day. The businessman caught my eye and smiled. He then proceeded to smile brightly, thank the newsstand proprietor for the paper and for being open on such a morning to make sure we were able to get our papers. In short, he expressed his appreciation for something most of us would take for granted.

The man running the newsstand responded only with a grunt and a sour expression. The businessman then pleasantly wished him a pleasant day.

As we turned away, I asked this man why he had continued to be pleasant to the newsman when he obviously didn't care about and didn't respond to his expression of appreciation and friendliness. The businessman grinned at me and said, "Why would I let someone else control what I say and what I feel or what kind of day I'm going to have?"

We then separated to go to our respective work places. To this day, I don't know who that business man was, where he worked, or anything else about him. I never saw him again, even though I looked for him on the bus on other days. He appeared briefly in my life and disappeared just as quickly. I don't even remember what he looked like. But I've never forgotten the words he said or the way his smile seemed like a shaft of light on a gloomy day.

That was a good 25 years ago, but the impact this had on my life has lasted. I never had a chance to thank him personally, but the way in which I try to choose to look at life as a result of those words is his legacy to me and my thanks to him.

Our interactions with the people we encounter can impact at least the next five people that person encounters. A smile and words of simple appreciation multiply themselves geometrically.

We cannot control people and situations that come to us, but we can always control our response to them. And in such positive decisions lie our control and personal power to make a positive difference. And it's something anyone and everyone can do. It is a real legacy that can impact both the present and the future.