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Sunday, January 04, 2015

My Cruise Trip to the Western Caribbean

It was my winter school break and I was super excited to go on the cruise trip to the Western Caribbean with my family and friends.  
First,  at home I couldn’t wait for it to be morning, and I even woke up my parents !!!! Then we got ready and hopped in to the car. We set our GPS to point to Holiday Inn Express, near Miami, Florida. 
After driving for a few hours, we stopped at the State of Florida Welcome Center and I met my cousins and friends over there. The best part at the Welcome Center was FRESH ORANGE JUICE  served by the friendly Welcome Center staff!!!!
From there we continued our journey to Miami and reached there by night. 
In the morning, we got ready and arrived at Port Miami. We boarded the fun ship called “The Carnival Ecstasy”.   After the safety drill, our ship sailed towards “Key West, Florida”.
This ship was very huge. It carried many passengers. This ship was painted with bright colors and had lots of shiny surfaces. It had a pool,  a hot tub, a mini-golf course and many dinning areas. There was lots of food to choose from. I loved  the ICE CREAM available ALL THE TIME!!!!. 
Our room was in Deck 5. It was a small neat room. There was a television too. The most EXCITING PART for me was the TOWEL ANIMALS placed every evening in our room.
The next day our ship reached Key West, Florida. We got out of the ship and took a trolley to visit the town. 
The best part at Key West was that my parents bought me a nice TOY SHIP!!!!. 
On the next day the ship reached Cozumel, Mexico. We visited a place called “Mayan Ruins”. But I LOVED playing in the beach that was right next to it. The water in the ocean was pretty and warm and I just never felt like leaving the beach!!!!
Our ship sailed back to Miami the following day.  And again there was a long drive back home. I was so tired, but I was VERY happy to see my Christmas present under the tree from SANTA!!!!…
I really enjoyed my Christmas break. It was fun to visit new places with my family and friends and go on a cruise trip. And I am looking forward to my next cruise trip!!!!..

Thursday, January 01, 2015