Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Vikram helps start two libraries in Africa - Feeling a part of something bigger

Vikram Ruppa-Kasani says that he has always liked books. As he got older and he learned about people in the rest of the world, he wanted to give kids the same experience that he had had.  So, at age 16, he led his Eagle Scout troop in Alpharetta, GA to do a book drive.

“I live in a helping community, and we want to promote literacy,” he explained

Troop members spread the word by sending emails to their family and friends and putting announcements at school and in libraries.

“Friends and family contributed, and so did the public and school libraries,” he said. “They wanted to contribute to a global cause.”

The boys collected 2500 books, for two libraries—one in Ghana, one in Lesotho.  Five hundred books are still in Vikram’s basement, ready for the next library!

Like many other successful book drive organizers, they used GoFundMe to raise money for mailing and shipping.

The troop got together to sort and pack the books, playing music while they worked.

Vikram thinks the book drive was good for him personally and for his community. “Often we are caught up in our own lives.  I like feeling part of something bigger.  In addition, the book drive helped the community bond and created an overall positive feeling.”

He has advice for anyone doing a book drive or thinking about organizing one: “Even if it seems difficult, continue.  Creating libraries is a great thing.  You will get the books you need and have a great feeling of satisfaction.”

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sometimes, the best therapy is a long drive & music !!

I've a friend named Dee Roodehchi, in Atlanta, Georgia, who's a Builder. Dee is outdoorsy, outgoing, and positive person. He likes driving in mountains, family gatherings, and other get togethers. So do I. 
He studied Accountancy in University of Georgia. He married Soheila Farjad in the year 1992. They are enjoying their married life together for 25 years.

Dee and Soheila have a daughter named Sahar, and a son named Saam. Sahar and Saam are twins. They are beautiful and growing up well.

Sahar graduated with BA in English from Tufts University in May 2017 and has a job in Washington DC. She is a media analyst.

Saam is studying Mechanical Engineering in Georgia Tech. He will graduate in May 2018.

Monday, October 16, 2017

What 3 things Illustrate what your life is about?

My Learning through formal, non-formal and informal education illustrate about my life, who I am !!

For the last almost TWENTY YEARS I'm learning through non formal and informal education. Through non formal learning I have been learning mostly technology. Through informal learning I have been enlarging my life experiences.
I'm regularly taking Spring Courses through Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association, Fall Courses through TELOS. Some of them are non-formal but mostly informal. There is no doubt these Courses bridges gap between the school and life. Make learning accessible in every day life and in the future.

Informal Education is driven by conversation and interacting with others. Our Coffee Group, Our Maitri Group, and my association with several seniors organizations, besides several social, cultural and political enable me to act freely in unknown situations.

My informal education  focuses on values that provide ability to create my own identity. Through my formal education I got a bachelor degree in Arts, and another bachelor degree in a Education. They enabled me to serve  in Education department as a teacher. I worked for 33 years and retired in the year June 30, 1998.

Somayya Kasani 
Comment by  Doris Toppen Northstrom, Instructor for Creative Writing:
Your story is amazing I'm overwhelmed by your motivation - look forward to hearing it in class tomorrow

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Spend Time With People You Love!!

 We, Vijaya my wife and I are Canadians. We live in Edmonton AB Canada 🇨🇦 
Edmonton is a Festival city. We enjoy the Spring and Summer, celebrating festivals.
We fly to Seattle WA in Autumn 🍁 
Our son Ajay, his wife Rani and our Granddaughter Pragathi live in Redmond WA. Our Granddaughter Pragathi is in Grade 4 this year. We love her greatly. 
Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States.  It is the seat of King County, Washington.  Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America. 
In Winter we fly to the south i.e Atlanta GA. Our two daughters Aparna and Anupama live there with their families. 
Our daughter Aparna, her husband Kamalesh, our Grandchildren Vikram and Vinod live in Alpharetta GA. Our Daughter Anupama, her husband Sreenath and our grandson Prabhat live in Cumming GA.
 We enjoy pleasant weather there. However  this area experiences a winter storm with significant snowfall about once each year, but this can be extremely irregular. 
So my wife Vijaya and I are snow birds 🐦 🐦 However Angels fly with us wherever we go guide us back safely to our home 🏡 
-        Somayya Kasani

Monday, October 09, 2017

Something I want to hold onto - My poem for Creative Writing class

                                     "Something I want to hold onto."

                        LIFE IS TO LIVE, HAVE A GOOD TIME OF IT
       "The best things in life to hold onto are the people we love, 
                 the places we go, and memories we make."

Life offers many opportunities
to make sweet, beautiful memories.
Family, friends, hopes, places are very dear.
I love to keep them in my heart very near

I'll take advantage of precious opportunities
While they still sparkle before me.
I always believe that my ultimate goal - happiness
Which is attainable as long as I commit myself to it.

Edmonton is a city of festivals
Where I have many dear friends:
Our Coffee Group, SUN, NDP, ETCA, SALT
ELLA, Campbell College, Magrath, Ankur, & Metro.

Our Group is close well-knit and fun,
Discusses all topics under the sun
We live, laugh, celebrate our life,
To help us with our daily strife.

By Somayya Kasani

 Hello Somayya

Its fabulous that you are continuing your education!  You inspire me immensely.  All is well here, the weather has been lovely, no snow yet. Your home looks good, nothing to concern yourself about.

When do you return?




Dear Somayya

I loved your poem. By all means submit it as it is.

All the best



Hello Somayya:

Thank you for sharing your well-written, thought-provoking, and caring piece of poetry.

I like it and I am looking forward to your teacher’s professional and literary comments. Keep up the good and please convey our regards to Mrs. Kasani.

Always the best,



I like the poem, particularly the first 2 stanzas but it is all well done.

Lars Hansen from my office will be emailing you an invite for the Telugu group and you to attend a Diwali celebration Oct 20 at the Federal Building.

Dr. Bob MLA Edmonton - Whitemud Provincial Constituency.


I like this poem a lot. It's nice! Good job..


Tuesday, October 03, 2017

True - all of it !!

Today, September 28, 2017, I went to Duvall, a small city in King County, Washington, United States. Bus 224 runs from Duvall to Redmond TC on week days. I live in Redmond Ridge on its Route. The bus stop is a 10 minute walk from our home. Normally. I go to Redmond Library, but as I was late I went to Duvall library.

I consider libraries a wonderful institution and enjoy reading there. Needing to get back home to Redmond Ridge, I decided to leave earlier. So I came out in advance. 

In front of the library is city hall. Adjacent to it there's a small Coffee shop.  While I was walking slowly watching roadside dwellings, I was stopped and was greeted by a young lady, who was the owner, and asked me if I like eating donuts, I said, "No”. She asked if I like ice cream. Still I said “No”. 

Finally she asked me if I like drinking Coffee. Then as I didn't drink coffee that day, I said yes. She gave me coffee. I said coffee with milk and sugar. 

Then she gave me coffee and I enjoyed drinking. When I asked to pay money for coffee ☕️ she said that 'I didn't ask her for coffee, but they offered me coffee'. The lady and her mom (perhaps) smiled. 
Before I came out, I asked them why I can’t have picture, together. Her mom was sitting at my table with glass of water, I believe, and in front of me a coffee cup. 

I want to submit this in my Creative Writing class on  next Tuesday.. How do you think?🤞