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Pragathi & Tataiah

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Christmas Songs

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Telugu Lullabies

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We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. We must pursue, we must persevere and only then will we succeed.

Who says I can't accomplish whatever I set my eyes on? Set-backs, obstacles, problems, failures or whatever else you want to call them must occur before success can be attained! It is actually the pursuit of the challenge that offers the greatest rewards.

We have a thought one afternoon for some way to make our life better. Then we go to someone we value to get their opinion of our newly birthed brain child. Too often we mistakenly base the possibility of its success on their opinion and strain to hear some sort of encouraging response.

However, more times than not we’re met with a mediocre answer or even a total rejection of our brilliant solicitation.

Be careful who you open your creative heart to as in almost every case you’re asking for approval from someone that has absolutely no idea who you are - in spirit or what the universe has waiting for those who simply make the effort to try.

People base their opinions of what is possible on their past experiences and the level of faith they do or don’t have in you.

Moreover, some are jealous of your abilities and will sabotage you if they get a chance.. Nothing can be done if we don't take action to move ahead. YOU must nurture your idea. YOU must encourage yourself. You must make this happen. YOU...YOU...and only YOU!

In your endeavour you are the only person in charge. This invisible kingdom of the future totally depends on your stubbornness and tenacity to grow and flourish.

Intelligence is not something you are born with, it is the natural by-product of an interest you have in any given subject.

The greatest revenge is to accomplish what others say you cannot do. Let's dare to be ourselves, for we do that better than anyone else can.

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Best Wishes to Prabhat Kiran

Dear Family & Friends,

It is our immense pleasure to announce the arrival of our new bundle of joy, our son "Prabhat Kiran". Prabhat weighed 8 lb 1 oz and 20 inches length at birth.

Prabhat Kiran means ray of morning sun light (dawn).

With best regards,
Anu & Sreenath

Mr. & Mrs Sreenath Bandari:

Congratulations! I am very glad to know that you were blessed with a great bundle of joy, on having your new baby boy, Prabhat Kiran. We, now have someone new to share.

We also wish you a happy 10 th Wedding Anniversary.

This anniversary brought you a new 'bundle of Joy' in your life, due to the arrival of ' PRABATH KIRAN.'


Yours Lovingly,

Somayya Kasani & Vijayalakshmi Kasani

hai sreenath, hai anupama,
HEARTY CONGRATS to both of you.
Prabhat Kiran is very cute, sweet, nicely opened his eyes and seeing grandmother.
nenu ankunnattu laddu la unnadu.

Munnakka, Sagar Annayya, Anvi & Avan

Dear AnnuSree

Hearty Congratulations. Prabhat Kiran brings rays of renewed happiness, hope and joy to all our families, near & dear. He is very cute and so is his beautiful name.

Pragathi, Rani & I are very excited. Enjoy the happy times !!

With Love
Pragathi, Rani & Ajay

Anupamakka and Sreenath annayya

Prabhath is very cute.


Hello sreenath bava n anupama akka,

Very nice pictures of prabhat and u all....the little fella is damn cute.....My loads of love n kisses for him..
take care.


OMG he is so beautiful and looks like someone.. hmm. who? Please take our best wishes. Our girls are not too well this week so we will not come to meet him yet. Please tell him he is very loved and that he is beautiful and a very beautiful name too. I really like it. Will see you soon. Anu, very well done my dear. Welcome both of you to the world of parenting, now we will have definitely much more to talk about :) Prabhat welcome, its a beautiful world!
your elder sisters, Ishu and Asheema

Congratulations Anu & Srinath!

Convey my regards to amma.

take care,

Oh, Anu, I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations to you and Sreenath! I have been thinking of you and remembered that the last time we talked you were trying to get pregnant… so I guess it has been a while! He is a beautiful baby and you all look so happy. Is that your mom in the photos with you? Prabhat was a pretty big baby at birth. I bet you are tired right now. I hope things are going well for all of you. Keep taking lots of photos as they change so quickly at that age. My babies are now 14 and almost 12.

Take good care. Love to all of you.


Dear Anu and Sreenath,

Cangratulation!!!!! He looks amazing and very smart already!!!!! I am verry happy for you!!

Sir, thank you for your affectionate mail.
Congratulations Anupama & Sreenath garu.
And a hearty welcome to Prabhat Kiran.

We are so glad at this news, the moment reminds Varalakshmi & I of the time when our grand children were born.

Once again, we wish Anupama garu, Sreenath garu & of course Prabhat Kiran, a very happy, healthy & a great future.

Love & Best Wishes to you all.
Prakashrao & Varalakshmi.

Hello Somaiah,

I am well and so is everyone at Campbell College.

Congratulations on the new grandchild!

I am glad to hear that mother and baby are doing well. He is very cute!

Take care,


Dear Somiah:

Congratulations to you on the birth of Prabhat Kiran. It is a beautiful name. May he bring great joy to you and make the world a better place by his actions.
We are doing all right but very busy at this time. I am finishing the term and there is too much pressure to finish every thing in the next 4 weeks.

Best wishes


Oh My God! Prabhat is ABSOLUTELY adorable! I am very very happy to see another Bandari kid...Annayya and Vodina...he is a cutie pie and looking forward to see him soon. Please don't let him loose the weight. He look cute like this ..GULOOO GULOOO!

Sushma & Pooran

Dear Anup,

Hearty congratulations to you and your family and a very warm welcome for the sweet new bundle. He is cute. It looks wonderful to see you with your new addition to the family. Was it a normal delivery? How is your health? Hope you are not having too much of baby blues. I wish you have a great time and lots of fun in parenting.


Dear Anu,

Great News! Heartiest congratulations!

Hope you and Prabhat are keeping up in good Health.

Take Care!


Dear Anu,

There you go. Congrats. He is looking cute.

Take care,

Dear Anu,

Congrats on the arrival of cute little boy... Take care and have great fun...congrats again....


Congrats Annu! He is a little Prince! Precious!!


Congratulations Anu, Life is going to be completely different for you with the arrival of Prabhat Kiran!

Enjoy being a mother and Take Care,

Hi Anupama, Srinath,

God is great !
Congratulations !!
Enjoy your parenting.

Anupama, Neeraja and Sudha devi are in CA.
Please find their contact information in the attached bmp.

Nalini Kumar.

Anu Sree,

Hearty congratulations and warm welcome to "Morning Ray" :) to this wonderful world. Hope your parents are there to share the joy and assist you guys.

Thanks for sharing the happy news.

Supriya Sreenivas Viraj

Hi Anupama, Sreenath,

Prabhat looks soooo cute and chubby.... he looks more like sreenath :) and he's going to be a very active baby.. Congrats again and very excited to see him soon.

hansika, valli n phany


Vadinamma & Annaiah,

Happy to listen,

Good news,


And 21st is my marriage day also.

Take care
and bye.
Serolla Anand Yadav

Anu and Sreenath,

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy, your new little angel!

Count your blessings every day and see your new baby grow in every way

Amelia Tomzynska
Allied Telesis Inc

Hi, Anu:

I’m passing good wishes. I’m very happy for you, Sreenath, your mom, and your new baby boy! That is fantastic news! I’m very happy about your new arrival. I hope you are able to get a little rest before you bring home the baby. Congratulations to you and Sreenath!

Lots of love,

Jenny Hutton
Allied Telesis Inc

Congratulations to Anu and Sreenath, and wishing the best to new born.

Kishore Sorathia
Allied Telesis Inc

Congratulations new Mommy Anu and wishing all the best to you and your precious BABY!!!! May God bless you both.

Allied Telesis Inc

Hi Anu & Sreenath

Congratulations to you both. Welcome Baby Kasani.

Murthy Vakkalagadda
Allied Telesis Inc

Hi Anu,

Thanks for sharing the picture with us and I’m glad you and baby Prabhat are doing well. I have shared his picture with all and please take care of yourself and him.

See you soon.

Allied Telesis Inc

Hi Anu and Sreenath.

Congratulations once again!!! Prabhat is really adorable.


Satinder & Amandeep
Allied Telesis Inc

Hi Anu,

Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I am glad to hear that everything went well for you.

Please give my regards to Sreenath.

EuJin Lim
Allied Telesis Inc

Congratulation, he looks so familiar. Take pictures everyday, you’ll see he changes every day. He is very cute and will give you lots of enjoyment for the years to come.

Thomas Cheung
Allied Telesis Inc

Hi Anu, Sreenath

Congratulation, it’s so cute.

Nelson Ho
Allied Telesis, Inc

Hi Anu,

Congratulation !!!, I forward the pictures to my group.

David Jiang
Allied Telesis, Inc

Good morning Anu,

I am so happy for you and Sreenath. Hope all is well with you and your little boy. And a belated Happy Mothers' Day too.

Mike Mullen
Allied Telesis, Inc

Hi Anu,

He is very cute! And I see characteristics in both parents. You must be very proud. Wish you, Sreenath, and your new son the very best.

Dave Yeo
Allied Telesis, Inc

Congratulations Anu & Sreenath.!!!!
Welcome to the parent world..We wish the best for the baby as he enters to this world.
Enjoy the great time and great life ahead.It is the best and very important moment and I am very happy for you.

Neelam Vijay
Allied Telesis Inc


All of ATI Engineering was asking for you and all were waiting for big news on arrival of Bandari-kasani baby,
Congratulations to you and Shrinath. Now you are Mama and you can tell us about How it feels to be Mama when you come back to STRE Lab.

Take Care

Allied Telesis, Inc.

Hi Anu and Sreenath,

I just wanted to say congratulations on your newborn baby!
I hope mom is recovering well and baby is growing.

Please send us some pictures as soon as you get a chance.

best regards,
Nelvid Vidal
Allied Telesis Inc

Very pretty!
Congratulations new Mom!!

Saibal Banerjee
Allied Telesis, Inc.

Congratulations.... cute baby... looks like Anu.

Carl Go
Allied Telesis, Inc.
Hi, Anu:

Congratulations on your baby boy! Take as many videos and pictures as you can, because babies grow so fast that you will forget what they look like now.

Thanks & regards,

RK (Ren-Kang) Chiou
Allied Telesis, Inc.

Oh my God, Prabhat is such a beautiful baby boy I’ve ever seen! And he looks very healthy and strong, must eat a lot, haha! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with me, it also refreshed my memory of Faye in El Camino hospital, you never know how fast they grow.

You look very good too, seemed fully recovered, happy and confident, so happy for you!

You take a good care of yourself and the baby ok, and let me know if you have any question about the baby stuff!


- May

Oh Anu... your son is so cute! I just love the full head of hair. He has the most beautiful eyes too. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.
Please take care of yourself as I know you're dealing with many nights of interrupted sleep...

Kathy Dairokuno-Smith
Allied Telesis, Inc.

Anu and Sreenath,

Congratulations on the great job. Well done! Wish Prabhat have a wonderful life in front of him.


Erics Lai
Allied Telesis, Inc.

Hi Anu & Sreenath,

Wow! He is very cute.

We were planning to call you this weekend to see if we could meet. I was little sick on Friday, so I thought it is better to wait. I am feeling better now. We will stop by sometime. I will give you a call before we come.

Hope Anu is recovering well.
Enjoy the baby.

Allied Telesis, Inc.

Thank you so much for the pictures. I think he is so beautiful and so flawless.

What a wonderful feeling... pride and joy!

Take Care...

Crystal Villa
Allied Telesis, Inc.

Your lil one is soooo adorable! I can't wait to meet him!

My daughter will be coming soon, July 25th! I will be starting my leave on June 26th so hopefully you can come into the office before then with the little one.


Gracie (Portusach) Valencia
Allied Telesis, Inc.

Hi Sreenath,
Congratulations. This is wonderful news. Prabhat looks very cute. Please pass my wishes to everyone at home.


annu and Sreenath,

maya is adjusting well to her new home. it is 1am and maya is wide awake. for the most part she just eats, poops and sleeps but we are enjoying our time with her. luckly I don't have to go to work right away since we are not getting a full nights rest.

we are glad to hear that prabhat may be going home soon. keeping him there for a few more days was probably a smart idea.

we can't wait to see that curly hair grow out! please keep us updated on his progress.

--paul & karen

Hi Sreenath and Anu,

Congratulations on your new baby!!!The journey of parenthood is just started and I wish you all the best. Enjoy you new life and experience to be Dad and Mom!!!
Good Luck,

Armen & his family


CONGRATULATIONS on such a great news and WARM WELCOME to Prabhat in this world.
The name you both have chosen is really nice.

Minal Aggarwal

Hearty Congrats Anu and Sreenath !
This is terrific news - Prabhat looks VERY cute and alert already !!

You guys must be very proud parents.....
We are very happy for you !

-Pankaj & Nutan

Hello Sreenath and Anu,
Congratulations. Anusha and myself are really happy for you.

We shall call you soon.

Harsha Chennuru

Hi Sreenath/Anu,

Many Many Many Congratulations.. Prabhat Kiran is very cute..

Hope Anu and Prabhat Kiran are doing good..

Enjoy these days !!

Ashish/Anshu and Deetya

Hi Sreenath, Annu,

CONGRATULATIONS.. and wish your little PRINCE brings lots of joy and happiness in your lives.

He is very cute. Are you still in Mansion Groove apts?

have fun

Congratz Anu and Sreenath! He looks bright and active! Will visit you guys after you have settled down.

Next, a house?!


Hi Sreenath and Anu,
Congratulations !! That's really good news.
Prabhat looks very cute and lively.
Say my 'hi' to the new dude :)
Will catch up with you sometime later this week.


Hi Sreenath and Anu,

Welcome to Prabhat. Prabhat is looking very cute.

Deepthi & Sri.

Congratulations !

Health and Happiness to you all .


Dear Mr and Mrs Kasani:

Thank you for sharing the good news. We are delighted to know about your being blessed with a grand son. We wish him the best of every thing, long life, good health, happiness and peace in his life. Please accept our heartiest congratulations.

- Charan and Surender Khehra

Dear Mr.Kasani,

Congratulations on the new addition to your family.
Thanks for sharing the happy news with us.



Conratulations to both Mom & Dad and also to Grand parents on the new arrival....
We wish a long Happy, healthy and successfill life ahead for Prabhat Kiran.

Sudheer Amireddy
Birmingham, Alabama

Dear Kasani family,

Thanks for sharing the happy and unique moments of your life with us. The baby looks beautiful, already inquisitive, bright like the first prabhat kiran. Million congratulations.


Dear Uncle,

Hearty Congratulations to the couple and your family, May the baby bring all the wishes come true.

Ravi Puli

That’s wonderful News Somaiah, Congratulations to you and your family!

I just got home from Edmonton . I spent a lovely time at the Women’s Caucus brunch this morning. I saw Cynthia there, but we didn’t have a chance to talk…so many people to greet!

So now, back at home I have work to do to prepare for our trip. Perhaps I’ll see you at the May 9 Health Care Rally at the Legislature at 1:30pm. We were told again today to come and bring 4 other friends, so we send a GREAT BIG MESSAGE to the Stelmach administration that we wish to keep our Health Care PUBLIC!


Congratulation Anupama & Sreenath. Say hi to cutie kiran. Talk to you soon.

Best wishes
Sunil & Saritha & Rini & Nidhi

Congratulations. Prabhat Kiran is so cute with wide open eyes. He started looking at every one around already :-)


Hi Sreenath and Anupama,

Many Many congrats to both of you for your baby. I saw the picture and he looks cute, looks like he is already reading his name :). But you need to send a front facing picture of Prabhat.

I hope Anu and the baby are doing fine. I have not accessed my mails since a very long time so could not reply you earlier but congrats again and do keep in touch.


Dear Sreenath and Anupama,

HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS on this great news with cute photograph!!!

Best wishes for happy and prosperous future for you both and Prabhat.

Happy Parenting,

Bharat Anadure

Great News!.Congratulations ! Wish all your Joy begin and will continue for ever. Wish you all the best.

Subramoniam and family

Hello Anupama and Sreenath,

Belated Congratulations!

Thanks for sharing the photos. Prabhat is very cute and looks keen observer. Hoping both Anupama and baby are doing well.

Talk to you some time this week.

Best Regards,
Murali and Manju