Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Loving Sister`s Letter to her Loving Brother on the Occasion of his trip to US...

Dear Aunty, Uncle & Dear All

Uncle, thank you very much for sharing the letter that I worte to dearest brother Raku. It reminded me the sweet memories with dear Raku and the day he was gettitng ready to start a new journey to USA. Uncle, thank you for preserving the letter and your effort in taking out time and typing the letter. We will preserve this copy in our family collection.

Akkayya & Anupam, thank you for your continous email communication, felt happy to note the details at your end. Akkayya, we saw your pictures they are very nice. We felt happy to know Vikram & Vinod's activities.

Today we came to the office to get some office work done. We are almost done for now and we will go home shortly.

Dear all, have a nice weekend.

With Love,

April 8, 2006

Dearest brother Raku,

We are very proud of you and your achievements. This is a milestone of your life, we wish the entire success dear, in every phase of your life. And we hope you achieve many such milestones in your future ahead.

We all know that you are capable, intelligent, and wise since your childhood. You are responsible and hardworking - brother. Please keep it up. Though I am your elder sister, Raku I learnt many things from you. Your ideas, thoughts and your suggestions proved great help to me, dear brother. Thanks much for all. I look forward for your suggestions in future too.

Raku, I want to say a few words here- as you are staying away from our home, our loving caring parents, please take good care of your health and don’t ever skip the meals. Try to take fruit juices – one hundred percent orange juice with lots of pulp, dry fruits. Please avoid Pepsi and Cokes totally. Be helpful to people around you and be polite which makes all the difference – that helps you to win the heart of the people. Good will of the people is like blessings, so strive to be good to good people and take good care and handle wisely with the bad, O K.

Dear Raku never hesitate to take the help from your near and dear people. Raku remember we are one for all and all for one. Never ever get worried about the difficult things. Be cool. And we are confident about your capabilities and you will always take wise decisions in your walk of life, making your loving parents, loving sister, brother-in-law, and all your near and dear proud of you.

Dear Brother never hesitate to say “ NO” to the things which are not good for the health. Bad habits just start with “ company". My dear Raku, don’t ever give company to bad things. We are pretty confident and we believe that you are strong and courageous enough to say “ NO” to such bad company.

Brother! You have bright future with your exciting academics, colorful career and many many happy things a head.

We are always there for you in all circumstances. Please take care dear,

Mummy and Daddy; Akkaiah and Bava
And all near and dear people.