Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good Morning ! Look on the Bright Side !

Dear Children, Good Morning.

We are happy to tell you that we got the key to our post box today. Shall we wait for your first letter by post, with your ' Lovely Message' in a page or half for us on this happy occasion?

It is our real pleasure to be here in North America close to our dear people, where they are living and working. Presently we are put up in a home very close to our dear Peddakonda`s Family. Thanks to our dear son, Ajay Naana who came here from Seattle taking vacation for a week to furnish everything for our happy living in Edmonton. Our Peddakonda and Kamalesh Babu associated with us in getting the things done well.

We are glad that we are enjoying the loving company of our grand children, Vinod and Vikram.

More in our next mail,
with loove,
Amma - Naana

Look on the Bright Side

We can see a shining rainbow
If we look beyond the rain

Find strength to face our losses,
If we're thankful for each gain.

We can pick the lovely roses,
If the thorns don't get us down,

And spend so much time smiling
That we'll never think to frown.

We can climb the steepest mountain
If our eyes turn towards the sun.

It's really up to us to make
Our world a better one.