Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An email from a Friend


Dear esteemed sir, I went through your wonderful Journal and felt happy.

Hope this letter finds you in the best of your health and happiness and hope you have come out of the great grief caused due to the death of your beloved friend Late Mr.Shiva Reddy and leading your normal life meaningfully as usually.

In general, your normal life is as enthusiastic as any youngster as these days. In addition to that you are more courageous than many of your contemporaries. Am I wrong?

As we have informed each other,I went, along with Kistaiah sir to attend the occasion of obituary of Late ShivaReddy on 25th Jan. and there we met Shaikhussain sir and your niece, Sandhya Rani, S.A.,Hyderabad and other contemporaries of yours.

Now, let me speak something about your evergreen website. I went through your wonderful Journal and felt happy. I also learn so many things.
I Skipped Lillian's story in hurry. It appears worth reading. Some time I would read her story to know what is interesting in it. It is very nice of you, you are sharing and conveying all sorts of messages and information and especially every precious moments with your sweet three.

Certainly I would share my Father-in-law Mr.Yakub Ali about your successful leading of life these days which inspires others. Shall I bring to your notice that I wrote an article, as a review on the story written by Vaddeboina Srinivas has been published in Arunatara.

Please convey my regards to madam, Aparnaji, Ajay bhayya, Anupama bahan and your daughter-in-law.

Looking forward to see your next e-mail.

Yours lovingly,