Friday, January 19, 2007

Tribute to My Close Friend: Mr. Shiva Reddy

"A S Reddy was a friend forever to me. He was the most important person in my life. He was most dependable and most trust worthy person. His absence is a great loss to me. I miss him"

My class-mate and my colleague, my close friend, Mr. A S REDDY, passed away on January 18, 2007 at Hanamkonda. A S Reddy was a friend forever to me. He was the most important person in my life. He was dependable and most trust worthy person. I met Mr. Reddy in the year 1961, while he was joining in the Arts & Science College to pursue his Bachelor Degree in Arts. I associated with him in completing the formalities for his admission. I was a year senior to him into the college as I did my Pre-university Course also in the same college. And he did his Pre-university Course in a different local School.

After our college studies Mr.Shiva Reddy joined the service in the year 1964. He applied a job for me also without my notice, and got the letter of appointment for me as a School Assistant in the same School, where he was working and posted the joining letter to me to our native place along with a note to me to accept the job and requested me to join the duty soon. We worked together in the same School for seven years as teachers.

Later we got transferred to different schools and lived in different places. Even then we had constant good friendship all through our lives. His absence is a great loss to me ...

He has wife, three sons and a daughter. Two sons, Sudheer - Subhas are living and working USA and his daughter Surekha and other son Sugunaakar are living and working in Hyderabad. I spoke with near dear people of Mr. Reddy over phone on the day the funeral....

"A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget...
The moment may be temporary but the memory is forever...."

Dear Sudheer Reddy,

We are all very sorry to hear the news! Your beloved dad passed away leaving all of us in great sorrowfulness. Kistaiah sir, informed us the news on the day after. Viijaya athamma and I spoke with several of our near and dear people on the day of funeral. I could speak with several persons from Munigalveedu, who have attended the funeral procession. My sisters Susheela, Kausalya and our Brother in-laws Janardhan and Kistaiah have also attended the funeral. I also spooke with our friends Shaik Hussain and Laxminarsaiah. All of them are very very sorry and not able to digest his loss. I could share my sorrow with our friends with e-mails. I also put ' Tribute to My Close Friend: Mr. Shiva Reddy ' in blogspot,
to ease my pain.

Dear Sudheer being the eldest in the family, You must be bold enough to manage the situation and boost all the family members, specially, your dear mom.

Ever yours,
Your loving Aunty and Uncle & Family

Uncle, Aunty, Aparnakka, Ajay and Anupama,
We as Amireddy Siva Reddy family, are thankful to you for the support, belief and for all the good words about our father and our family. Nobody becomes good or recognised as good unless somebody tell to this 'physical' world that he is good. We as a family, appreciate your efforts towards this cause.

I could witness the crowd. As Many of the unfortunate moments in my own life, the most unfortunate moment was I could not attend my father's funeral. I am not worried, as he was never distant to me through my heart and he will not be through my entire life. Somaiah Kasani and Janardan Choula's are only two families that always took first priority in my father's life as far as we acknowledged. And for us, Amireddy Siva Reddy is not just a head of a family or a just a person but a 'Religion', we follow that religion and try to spread around.

Once again, as we are going through the most difficult part of lives, We appreciate your support and wishes. Those would definitely help to ease our pain.
Amireddy's Family

January 22:

My dear esteemed sir,


How sad to loss such a great friend! If I am not at all wrong, Is it Shiva Reddy sir ?. I will go with Kistaiah sir and visit his family members today itself and convey condolence on your behalf. Please be brave as usual. I would see to comfort them possibly. Convey my Namaskarams to Madam. Hopefully I Would mail you soon .

Yours lovigly,

January 23:
Dear esteemed sir, Namaskarams.

I am herewith sending the card which containing the details of obituary. I met Kistaiah sir immediately after receiving the mail. I could meet Mr.LingaReddy, brother-in-law of Late Mr. ShivaReddy and had a talk right from the beginning of your friendship and the early days of your profession. He also explained the particulars of the fateful day. He moved and burst out while talking. Any way we are going to attend the 11th day on your behalf. More details in my next mail.

Yours lovingly,

January 23:

Dear Basith, Good Evening, How are you?

Received your e-mail and felt happy to know the contents there in. I forwarded the card containing the details of obituary of dear Shiva Reddy at Hanamkonda, to our sweet children Aparna, Ajay and Anupama.

Today the climate is pleasant. So I made a trip to the city. I met Rowshon A Begam, a research student in University of Alberta Library. She is from Bangladesh. She has two daughters named Labiba Raisa, Maliha Saraf. Her husband Akm Mazbah Uddin is an Engineer working in Edmonton. Her parents are teachers. She is an admirer of Thaslima Nasreen. She admired some of our Indian writres too. More in my next mail, please convey our best regards to all our near and dear people.

Yours lovingly, Somayya Kasani

Long Live Mr. Shiva Reddy :

A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget... The moment may be temporary but the memory is forever....