Friday, August 24, 2007

ACLALS 2007- Mr. Ajmer Rode

M.A.Sc. (Engg.), University of Waterloo, 1967; Immigrated to Canada from India in 1966. Married to writer Surjeet Kalsey. Living in Burnaby, BC, with daughter Surti and son Ankurneel.

Ajmer Rode writes in English and Punjabi and has published books of poetry, plays non-fiction and translations.

He has been an active member of The Writers Union of Canada and Vancouver Punjabi Writers Forum and is a founding member of several Indo Canadian literary and performing arts associations in Vancouver where he currently lives.

His latest book Leela co-authored with Navtej Bharati is more than 1000 pages long and is being translated into English.

Poems At My Doorstep is one of his poetry books in English.