Monday, May 25, 2009

Celebrating our third anniversary of being in Canada

Dear our Friends & Well-wishers:

Good Evening. How are you ?

Our landed paper tells us that we, my wife Vijayalakshmi and I immigrated to Canada on May 25, 2006. Today, we are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary of being in Canada. We are happy about it.

We enjoy the best of everything in this great country, Canada.

Thank you.


Somayya Kasani & Vijayalakshmi Kasani

Hello Somayya,

I am well as my family, too! How are you and your family?

Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary of being in Canada! I do love Canada and have been extremely fortunate to have spent my life here.

Everyone at the College is well. We will be having another class start on June 15 so we will be having 3 classes again.

Take care,
Have a marvelous Monday!

Congratulations Somayya

Enjoy. Celebrate. All the best in the future for your family.

Ciao, Jerry, from Ottawa

Thank you Somaiah, for sharing.
Glad that you have come to Canada to share your wisdom and pleasant personality with all of us.
Hello Somayya:

I am delighted in celebrating your third anniversary to Canada. May both of you enjoy the best of every thing in this great country. We all value your friendship and wisdom.

Wishing you the best, always.
Congratulations! Canada is a wonderful and peaceful country. Good to be immigrant of Canada.

Hello Somayya!

Congratulations - I'm sure I am one of many New Democrats who are very happy to have you with us here in Canada!

Warmest regards,
Jeff Sloychuk
Dear Somayya,

Canada is very fortunate to have you and your family here!

How are your doing? Are you back from holidays yet? If so, call me and we can get together.

I haven’t forgotten about that reference letter and will get it done before we meet.

Best Wishes,

Thank you for your email. I hope you are successful in receiving additional volunteer work at the Centre which will enhance your skills to find future employment.

I hope you find some suitable volunteer work at EMCN.

Congratulations Mr. Kasani.
Very glad to hear that.
Best regards, Divakar

Many congratulations on this happy occasion which many other new immigrants find full of frustrations.
May joy fill your years to come in Canada.