Friday, May 04, 2018

Loving Greetings from Charan Khera ji

Dear Ajay, Pragati, Prabhat, Vinod and Vikram:

Thank you for your invitation to your wonderful grandparent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We regret we are unable to join you at this celebration.

For our dear friends Somayya and Vijayalaxmi, the Kasani clan and us all, it is a great occasion to be celebrating this 50th Wedding Anniversary of two very special individuals.They have stood the test of time and for their hard work and inspiration and 50 other reasons, we are recommending their names to University of Seattle for an honorary Phd degree.

As the old age commences after 100, please remind them, it is the beginning of their 100th in the year 2068.

To Somayya and Viayalaxmi, we send our love, congratulations and best wishes for all the happiness. Enjoy the celebration.

Charan and Surender Khehra