Friday, May 04, 2018

When we first met

On the invitation of Smt & Sri Bandari Laxmikantha Rao, I made my first visit to their home in Nizamabad accompanying a close relative & friend.

We got down the bus, after six and half hours of our journey. In those days phones, were not much in use. We could not make any phone call to them before we started. Simply we could exchange letters by means of postal department.

We took a rickshaw and asked him to drop us near Town No 2 police station, near their home. I took out the paper, given to me by my elder brother from my shirt pocket and saw the door number in front of us. It tallied with the one on the door.

My companion suspected the home for a school, as a large number of boys and girls were playing in their school uniform. However he made an inquiry. He was not correct. That was not a school, but the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Bandari LaxmiKantha Rao.

Before we entered into their gate, I just had a glance at the children playing Char Pattar. There are a   couple of girls playing char patter about the 18 or 20 years old. And others are quite younger to them. Perhaps they are encouraging them by participating in the game, we don`t know? Later we came to know the girl wearing that Green sari with white blouse was no one else, but the girl for whom we went there all the way from Warangal, to meet and greet. Her name is Vijayalakshmi. Now, my loving wife for the last 50 years 😊