Monday, June 19, 2006

Shaik Hussain Sir's loving email

Dear, Somaiah Garu, Namaskar.

Thankful that you wrote about me, and my family. "Allha" may give you a peaceful life and good health to you and entire ur family.

Sometimes I recollect our life spent at Munigalveedu.The past days were precious. Our thoughts were ideal,helpfull, modle to others. Presently my situation is not as like as we
at Munigalaveedu. Always my mind is full of broken thoughts . With this I am unable to express my idieas in good manner not in this letter,even in my daily life.


This proverb is applicable to me.I came to know that you are going to settle there only. But in my view for living there some years will be good not more.

Convey our best wishes to madam and children, especially to APARNA. Please write letters now and then.

Dear sir,

I received your lovely mail on the early morning with good wishes.

Thank You very much for your prompt reply for my mail, sir.

Yes! I shall definitely keep writing mails regularly to you, my old, but gold friend.

Yes! Your suggestion is worthy. I am not going to stay in North America for ever nor our sweet people. They came here for their work when the opportunities were less in our place. Now our state A.P is in a position to provide jobs for its people with abilities. That is really a false imagination to be here for a long period than it is required.

Please convey my best regards to our friend Mr. Sivareddy, Mr.Lingareddy and Mr. Laxminarsaiah. And please convey our best wishes to Ch: Nikhat Kousar and her sweet kids.

I shall close my mail thanking you for response with good suggestions,

Yours truly,
Somayya Kasani