Monday, June 05, 2006


Dear Children, Good Morning!

During my morning walk I visited Mr. Yadagiri and Ahalya in our neibourhood, yesterday. Mr. Ashok and Sunitha also came to our home yesterday and associated 4 hours with us. After dinner akkaiah droped them at their home.

Today I am planning to pay a visit to YMCA, the branch close to our neibourhood, near Heritage Bus transit.

With love, Naana

Notes from my diary: 04. 05. 2006


Each Individual is a part of his or her place and time, and has an impact on it. Let us make ours a positive one. Let us speak out when we feel strongly about an issue. Let us write letters expressing our views. Let us get involved in local and national groups working for change in areas that interest or concern us. In our own life, let us model the type of the world we would like to see.

Volunteering, community involvement, political activism, membership in clubs, and continuing education are all excellent ways to stay involved in life and meet new people- some like us and others different from us, of all ages- at all stages of life.