Friday, June 02, 2006

Emails Between Naana and Dr.Mahipal Reddy

Dear Dr. Mahipal Reddy,

We are happy to receive your loving mail.

We are very much surprised to know about your intimacy with Dr. Mahamood J. Nizam, our esteemed Family Physician here in Edmonton, Canada. He has great love and respect for our native people and native land.

Presently I have no E-mail ID of him to mention here. I have his Clinic address only. I shall take his E-mail ID on 8th June. I have an appointment with him for General Health Check up.

Please convey our best regards to our beloved Dr. Vivekanand.

With love, Somayya Kasani
Dear sir ,

Thanks for writing the letter.

Iam so happy that Ur having a good time there with your children and grand children.

Its indeed great thing that you have fulfilled most of your dreams and nurtured your family for greater fragmented and aroma, which not only showing radiance with in your family but for the rest of the world

Please keep in touch and share your feelings and experiences.

Dr Mohd j nizam is good buddy of mine and is my classmate and is my stretcher mate. Please either u can give my email or phone no to him or ask him to give his. We studied the medicine to gather he is a nice and jovial guy.

Rest every thing is ok. There are showers here which have cut down the sun rage.

Convey my regards to ur kin and md nizam.

Bye for now.

Dr. Mahipal
Dear Dr. Mahipal Reddy,

I am Somayya Kasani, wrting this test mail from the city of Edmonton, Canada.

Here my elder daughter Dr. Aparna is living and working. She and her life partner Dr. Kamalesh Babu work for the same company called NAEJA Pharmaceutical Research and Development as Senior Research Scientists. They have two sons - Vinod and Vikram. Vinod is two years and Vikram is six.

Dr. Mahamood J Nizam & Dr. Anne Sepanmaa are our family doctors here. We have chosen them recently. Dr. Mahamood J Nizam is a son of former Vice Chanceller of Kakathiya University. He was a student of KMC Warangal. He passed his MBBS degree in the year 1979.

I told him about our Dr. Vivekanand, who studied in the same college.

In the second week of June we shall move to Seattle, USA to our son`s home. Our daughter - in - law Aparna [ Ranamma ] is getting her Master`s degree on 11th June from Seattle University. We are attending that function.

I shall close my test mail. More in my next mail,

Please convey our best regards to Dr. Vivekanand Rasa, our affectionate companion in Nizamabad.

With love, Somayya Kasani