Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Dear our sweet people,

Please go through these following questions. Are they suitable to get the gist one`s life?. Please add or improve the questionaire, if possible. I shall get it printed later.

with love, Naana

1] What gives you special pleasure in your relationship with your adult children?

2] Tell me something you admire about each of your children?

3] As you look back on your years of parenting, which is sometimes that give you a sense of contentment?

4] What message would you like to give to each of your children?

5] Which were your easiest years as a parent? Which were the hardest?

6] How did you spend vacations when your children were young?

7] Recall a summer, fall, winter, and spring memory with your children?

8] Who were the significant people in your life?

9] Whom were you closest to?

10] What activities did you share with your family and children?

11] In what ways were you continuing to increase your knowledge and skills?

12] Where did you invest most of your energy?

13] When did you begin to notice your children’s individuality and what ways?

14] Do you have a network of family or friends that can provide emotional support and assistance?

15] Who were your childhood friends? What did you most like to do together?

16] Who was your best friend?

17] What did you do when you came from school?

18] What books or stories were your favorites?

19] What were the historical events taking place during your childhood and how were you aware of them?

20] Recall your earliest memories of school?

21] Who was your favorite teacher?

22] What are the significant milestones in your career and in your personal life?

23] Tell which you think were thresholds and in what ways?

24] What hopes do you have for your future?

25] Tell about your wedding ceremony, who took part in it?

26] What specially stands out in your memory?

27] What surprises did you encounter in your marriage?
28] What are the some of the things you and your spouse did well together?

29] What were you involved in at school other than classes?

30] Tell about your close friend and how did you become friends?

31] How did you feel you were different from your family?

32] What ambitions and dreams did you have about the future?

33] Tell about a time when you felt exciting and adventurous for you?

34] Tell about something you did as a child that gave you a sense of competence?

35] What did you make that you were proud of?

36] Who were your childhood heroes?

37] In your circle of family and friends tell us about your favorites?

38] What did you hear about your mother’s/ father’s childhood?

39] Describe as significantly as you can a memory of them as your parents?

4o] what did you think were the dreams your parents had for you?

41] What attitude about life did you get from your parents?

42] What did you think was unique about your family?

43] As look back on your childhood, tell us something you learned that still value today?

44] How did you learn it?

45] So far, which have been the happiest times of your life?

46] What three statements would tell the most abut your philosophy of life?

47] What are your basic beliefs about people?

48] What have you loved most in your life? Things, Places, ideas, people.

49] Tell us about a time, when you felt alone, what helped you through that time?

5o] Recall when your caring and support helped someone through a difficult time?

51] What stories of your life would you like someone know that shed light on what has meant the most to you?

52] Describe a time of - Adventure, confusion, gentleness, awakening.

53] Tell us about how your interests have enriched your life?

54] Okay, you have FIVE WISHES they will come true, what are they?

55] Describe some specific moments of beauty in your life?

56] What changes would you make life today to make it more satisfying?

57] What do you resist?

58] What have you learned in past FIVE YEARS that surprises you?

59] What do you feel you are still learning?

60] What are your challenges today? What are you exploring?

61] What potential have you lately discovered?

62] To whom do you turn for comfort and guidance?

63] What matters most to you now and how do you make it a part of your daily life?

64] Who are the people providing the most satisfying companionship to you now?

65] What do you hope each of your children will always know?

66] As you look back on your years of parenting which are sometimes give you a sense of contentment?

67] What did you do to reinforce your child’s sense of self-worth?

68] Which are endearing episodes you remember?

69] What is the major crisis you faced?

70] What would you like your children to know about you?