Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Few Lines From My Old Dairy...2004

BIO Data of Mr. R V Poorna Chary, father of Mr. Kamalesh Babu

May 11, 2004,

My date of birth is April 2, 1931. I was born in Madurai. My father’s name is R P Venkatrama. He was doing sarees business. He expired during my childhood, when I was studying 7th standard. Afterwards my mother had taken care of me and other two brothers. I had completed my Secondary School Certificate in the year 1950. And studied Intermediate in the Thiagarayar College in Madras. I completed my B.Com Degree in Madurai College of Madurai.

1953 is the centenary year of Railways in India. I took ‘travel as you like’ trip along with my college friends for 15 days at the rate of Rupees 50/- per head. That trip was an unforgettable one for me. We first went to Tirupapthi, then Bangalore, and afterwards Bombay, Pune and then returned to our home town, Madras.

I married Navamani in the year 1963. In the year 1956, I came to Madras and entered the Secretariat service and retired as a Section Officer from the Information and Tourism Department of Secretariat Madras. During the course of my service, I had been allotted a house plot in Periyar Nagar. I had constructed a small house in the year 1983 out of Government loan. Afterwards I had expanded the house.

I have got two sons and one daughter. My first son is Kamalesh Babu. He married Aparna on January 5, 1997. Both are Ph Ds in Chemistry. They have got one son by name, Vikram. My daughter Jayashri married a doctor by name Gangadharan in the year 1995. He is MBBS and M D in Gynecology. They have got one son by name Vignesh.

My second son is Gangadharan. He has done B E in Mechanical Engineering. He had been working as a production Engineer in Sumeet Mixie CO, for the past 12 years. Now he had left that job and joined in a new company as a quality assurance engineer in Play Flex Co, which supplies foam. He married Anandhi in the year 1998, who is a B COM graduate. He has got one daughter, named Vaishnavi.

May 11, 2004

May 11, 2004

Vaishnavi, Vignesh, and Vikram are the motivation and stimulants to all of us.

I am R P Gangadharan, born on June 16, 1968. I consider taking care of parents as divine duty. Our parents have worked very hard and had taken the most difficult steps in their life to bring us up to this present level. We follow their path in our life. During my school days I and my brother Kamalesh Babu use to make our early morning study a little loudly in the same room. He used to guide me in every step of my life and gave me a lot of courage during the bad phase in my SUMEET life. Our sister Jaya Shri and brother in law Dr. Gangadharan are standing always with me in all walks of my life. At last charm of our entire life has got converted into little divine baby Vaishnavi after getting married to my wonderful wife Anandhi.

Vaishnavi, Vignesh, and Vikram are the motivation and stimulants to all of us.

-Gangadharan R P
May 11, 2004