Sunday, February 11, 2007

Email from Ramu Bandari.

Dear tataiah.....
I am fine here.
This year our committee conducted games for dasara occasion. This time “ashok nagar" got all the rights. Already you know about them, last time they won in the semi finals, they were very cruel fellows. This time we won 5 consecutive matches first time we entered into the finals.
But we have some fear...because they are conducting on their own pitch, their own village,
their supporters and especially they were very cruel fellows. Before the final day we discuss to face their bowling, how to win the match.

Ashok nagar is exactly 12 kms from narsampet. Some of my supporters came by bus, jeeps, tractor and other vehicles. But my supporters were fewer than their supporters. Our Sarpanch, MRO, DSP came as special guests. A little fear came into my team mates. Toss won by Ashok Nagar and elected to bat first. We entered into the ground as “UNDER DOGS". Thy hit number of boundaries. My bowling performance is very well and I picked 6 wickets but my team mates failed in the bowling.

Cricket is a team game, it is not depending on just one or two players. Finally they got a big score 220/8 in 25 avers. There is a big target on the score board. We have no hopes. After lunch our openers went into the ground. They hit so many boundaries. BUT UNFORTUNATELY WE LOST SOME QUICK WICKETS. There is no hope.. I am looking alone at the corner of the ground. Another wicket down. Then my captain told me " NOW YOU CAN GO". Some tears comes out from my eyes. Because situation was not good. The present result was in their favor.
Already 8 wickets fell only 2 wickets remaining we need 121 runs, only 64 balls left. When I enter into the ground my opponents were bowling very well. The balls are coming just like bullets. First I played slowly. After that I hit some boundaries. In previous matches I was out for very low scores 2,5,0,3,9 that was the big fear for me. When I hit the boundaries their wicket keeper used some dirty words in telugu language. (" Orey yendukuraa cricket ki vasthaaru.....already okasaari odinchaamu ainaa meeku buddi raaledaa...meeru thinataaniki thappa yenduku paniki raaru.intlo koorchoni rama koti raasukondi"). Another one said.....ponee raa pora gaallu muchhata paduthunnaaru. ..adikaasthaa theeranee....

I am very angry with them. And my co-batsmen told me... .Don’t try hit to hard now .Because they are trying to spoil your concentration. After 7 balls i hit 2 consecutive boundaries. The commentator said the following words. “Ramu bandari strikes again" "Once again the tiger comes back into the form". I am very happy with those words. The fast bowlers came into the attack. He bowled the balls at above knee level. The ball hit on my knee and i fell to the ground. My team mates came. I told them...i don’t play because my injury is very strong. Then they said, try to hit some shots...why you behave like this. After 15 mines the play started, I take a help runner. But unfortunately after 3 overs, we lost another wicket. Suddenly the crowd stopped responding from my side....I am very. Very disappointed. Only one wicket remaining.
He doesn’t know how to hit hard, he was just like a doll, he can only bowl. I sent back my help runner. Always I try to keep the strike. But unfortunately once my co-player kept the strike, the ball came and hit on his leg-pad. Big shout came for leg before wicket (LBW). Then we looked seriously. The umpire said "NOT OUT". Then I told him don't try to hit hard and give the importance for defence. Then a slogan came from my supporters side “DWARAKA DHEBBA" "ASHOK NAGAR BOBBA" ("Dwaraka pet is my street name").

We need 45 runs from just 12 balls (2 overs). In 24th over 23 runs came 4 2 6 6 4 1 .Then last over remaining we need 22 runs. From 5 balls i hit 16 runs 6 4 2 0 4 ___ Only one ball remaining we need 6 runs. There is high tension. I said to my team mates, I can't play in this situation....they told me “If u hit a sixer we will win, otherwise we lose the match" The bowler was running for the last ball, there is a high tension, Then I shout the following words loudly
“JAI BHAJARANGA BALIIIIIII" And I close my eyes for 3 seconds and I hit hard. Fortunately the ball hit at the middle of the bat and The ball went up in the air..... I am looking, my team mates looking, my opponents looking, commentators looking, Finally the ball fell into the middle of the lake out side of the ground.... Unbelievable - that's a very big ....big six. All my team mates and supporters came into the ground and lifted me. Then my opponents put down their heads.
We ran and jumped around the ground....I hit 98 runs not out from just 45 balls with the help of 8 sixers and 7 fours. I got “MAN OF THE MATCH" award trophy and 1500/- prize money. My Sarpanch And MRO felt very happy. During last moments of the match, they stood up and looked very eagerly. Our team won 10,000/- and trophy. We had one dream - that is to defeat “ashok nagar " fellows. Finally we fulfilled. Commentator asked one question for me
You feel just like a hero (he asked just for joke) Then I said: No I am not ...I am an ordinary cricket player. But I remember the film “LAGAAN". THERE WAS ALSO SAME SITUATION FACED.

Sun, 11 Dec 2005

Dear Ramu,
Great spirit and effort in this. Keep it up
With Love, Tataiah.