Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We all wish Madam Varalakshmi to get well soon.

Dear Sri Prakashrao garu, Namaskaram.

We are very sorry to hear the news. The true heroism lies rising every time we fall. Maadam Varalakshmi is very optimistic, she will get well soon. Mr. Shastri and other members of the family ought to radiate optimistic sympathy for her. I know well about you. You are a very strong person. You always accept the challenge and fight with a positive attitude. Please be bold and take all the services needed in our surroundings. Everything goes well.

Please convey our deep sympathy for her misfortune.Let us not worry about it much. Let us all be bold and she will get well soon. Please convey my best wishes to Mr. Shastri and his family.

With best regards,
Vijayalakshmi Kasani
Somayya Kasani

Note: Please take the help of Mr. Ramakrishna, Sujana 404. Please convey my best wishes to him.

Namaskaram Somaiah garu, trust this finds you all in good health. We are fine here, except that last week my wife, Varalakshmi had a small accident while plucking some flowers at our gate. I called my son, Shastri and we immediately rushed her to the hospital. X-rays suggest she fractured her hip in 2 places. Though the 2 fractures are small, but the doctors advised complete rest. She is now bedridden for atleast 1 month. Though my eldest son Srinivas flew from Delhi to be with us for a while, but the inconvenience of going through the trauma at this age is harrowing. After a week of trying to cook etc. myself, I have hired services of some professional cooks who deliver packed lunch at our house.Anyway, I hope & wish she recovers soon and is able to do her normal chores as usual. Do convey my regards & best wishes to all your family members.
warm regards
Prakash Rao