Saturday, March 17, 2007

About Eva Peron

Eva Maria Duarte was born in May of 1919 in Argentina. She grew up very poor with five brothers and sisters, a mother, and no father. They all lived in a one-room shack. Eva's mother did not send her to school, but made her work in kitchens of rich families.

Eva moved to Buenos Aires when she was 16 to become an actress and she made a few films and worked in radio.

In 1945, Eva met the minister of War, Juan Peron. They were married in a year and she helped him run for the presidency in 1946. They won. As the First Lady, Eva started her own foundation that built hundreds of schools and hospitals in Argentina.

Eva was an advocate for the education of women. She also helped the poor workers of Argentina gain a voice and respect in the country that previously exploited them.

Although Evita was the wife of the President, she was considered by many to be a politician. There had never been a female politician in Argentina before.

Evita had a short-lived political life. She was active for four years of her husband's term but was diagnosed with cancer in 1950, and died in July of 1951.

She was born into the lowest rung of rural life and climbed the ladder to become the most powerful woman in the country. She did this at a time when the place of the woman was in the home, not behind a desk.

Dear Children, Hope you find the life of Eva inspiring!
With Love, Amma-Naana

"Let every man and women be respected as an individual and no man Idolized."