Monday, March 19, 2007

Greetings & News from a Dear Friend

Dear Somaiah & Vijayalakshmi garu, first of all,

1. Thanks very much for your warm greetings & affectionate mails. We reciprocate and wish the same for you all - A Happy Ugadi.

2. It's such a pelasure reading your mails, for, it not only provides a bonding among all of us, but more importantly, I get to read some fantastic messages at the end of every poem or story you forward.

3. It's indeed a very noble thought to actually take the pain and pleasure of forwarding interesting stories/ thoughts that have a direct impact on our day-to-day lives.

4. I too am trying to cultivate this habit of sharing the knowledge among all my children & like-minded friends, but I'm not sure if I can do it on as large scale as you do.

We pray & wish that you should be blessed with the best of health, not just to stay healthy, but to draw strength to spread the 'good word' to as many people as possible which, I'm certain, will inspire a "healthy world" through the infinite love & affection you are spreading.

Pretty much like the wind & breeze that spread pollens of flowers to reach, grow and bloom in new areas.

5. We are truly priveleged to have friends like you.

6. My wife Varalakshmi is much better now. Maybe 6 & half on a scale of 10, With a never-give-up-attitude, I'm sure she will fully recover very soon.

7. She's now able to walk (with a walking stick) in and around the house.

8. Ugadi was not very pleasant for my son Shastri & his family.
His father-in-law passed away on Monday 19th March.

He complained of uneasiness & some chest pain on Monday afternoon, Shastri & Uma (my daughter-in-law) took him to the hospital at BHEL, where he was admitted into intensive care unit.

Around 5.25 pm he apparently had a massive cardiac arrest & passed away.
He was cremated yesterday (Tuesday). We pray that his soul rests in peace.

9. Once again, I thank you all for staying in touch and we wish you all a happy new year.

Thanks/ warm regards
Prakash Rao