Thursday, September 27, 2007


Dear Mamaiah & Attamma

It's been pleasure going through this portal. Hearty congratulations on Pragathi's arrival.

The grandson of our family lead by Bandari Gopinath and Bandari Vijayalakshmi would be called Nirav Bandari. I would send you his pictures in a separate e-mail. He was born 3.6 KGS and has been a healthy kid.

I hope all of us there are in good spirits and health. I will keep in touch.

Good Day!


Congratulations, Dear Sudheer.

And please extend our congratulations to all Nirav's near & dear people. Nirav is a nice name.

With Love,

Congratulations Nirav,

We welcome your journey of Life. Be proud of your near and dear people. You have a good asset of lovely circle of relatives and friends around you to guide your path. Please grow well. Make everybody happy.

With Love, Your another set of grand-parents,
- Vijayyalakshmi Kasani & Somayya Kasani