Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Letter From Nanamma and Tataiah to Pragathi

September 19, 2007

Dear Our Sweet Pragathi,

Congratulations! Congratulations for your excellent growth from the day one you stepped into this world. Please keep it up.

Do you know how much your loving doctor Madam Julie Wen admired you? Really she expressed her wonder at your constant growth this morning when we visited her at her office Redmond Ridge.

Nani ! We are sorry to tell you that your beloved Nanamma, and I are going back our another sweet home in Edmonton on September 22, 2007. Please don't worry. Your loving parents, and your another set of grand-parents will take good care of you. Please co-operate with them and grow well.

Your loving aunts Aparna - Anupama, and your loving uncle Rakesh will surely visit you at their convenience to meet and greet you, dear. Please boost your parents with your excellent growth time to time. They are really poor and innocent people never confuse them in any way. Please be cooperative and helpful and make your loving parents strong to serve you better and better.

We have full confidence on you dear and on your loving parents that you all learn many lessons that your life demands from you to march forward a head of all.

With our sweet love,

Nanamma - Tataiah of Edmonton