Saturday, May 12, 2007

Auto-biography of John Inman & His Message to Ajay

"I was born in Palo Alto, California were I was raised for 19 years. My father was a scientist and my mother was a home maker. I was able to travel a bit when I was young because my older brother was a diplomat.

I moved to Oregon in 1971 to go to college at Oregon State University. And yes that does make me a Beaver! I started to school in Geological Oceanography but switched majors and graduated with duel degrees in Animal Science/Pre-Vet and Business Management. I have lived in the northwest since 1971 in both Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

I have many interests and concerns and I believe in contributing to not only my family but to my community and the world. Life is all about balancing and balancing my interests with work, school, and my family is always an issue. That is one reason I put together this web site so that I can have one place to keep track of all the things I am involved with.

My primary mode of exercise and something I love to do. I walk with my daughter Kinnera. All of my recreation time is invested with my family.

love to read for the challenge of learning new things as well as I love a great story. Reading is also the gateway to knowledge and is one of the prime ways to break out of the world of complacency.

Hazel and I made up our minds to adopt during the Christmas holiday in 1999. We had been exploring adoption for over 7 years but had not made the decision to move ahead. We had taken the state adoption classes and visited adoption agencies. David had been asking for a little sister for that whole 7 years.

A decision like adoption is a big decision both financially and as a change for the family. I also had to be comfortable starting a new family at 48. Once we made the decision, and that decision was amazingly easy to make, we started to explore the culture from which we wanted to adopt.

We decided that we wanted to adopt from India and we were fortunate that Plan has a long history working with India. We chose India for several reasons, one of those reasons was that we had friends who worked with me from India and I felt very comfortable with them and the culture.

We are very fortunate to live in a democratic society. I do not take this lightly. I often think about what democracy means to me. I believe it means far more than most people realize. The bottom line to me is that we have options available to us guaranteed by law. We have options to hold beliefs, to behave within the law, to make lawful choices that will take us where we will in this life. The key is options. I believe any movement that seeks to limit options, seeks to take away our democracy.
The beauty of a democracy is that we can believe what ever we want to as long as we do not impose our beliefs on others.Open political debate is the foundation of our democracy. Politics involves the peaceful resolution of differences."

~ John Inman

Ajay, I can not even begin to fully express my appreciation for the wonderful evening I had with everyone. Most memorable. Your father was also delightful and your mother gracious.

Your wife and her friends did so much work and the result was so delicious. My wife Hazel is so excited to come up with the family and join in another evening. Maybe during the summer we can come up during the weekend and we can all have a picnic together at Merrymore park.
That would really be fun. By the way, Kinnera loves the book. She is very excited to read it. Hazel went to Portland today and asked her if she could take the book with her, and Kinnera almost would not let her take it. So cute. I have attached a copy of the life book for you to share with everyone. In this way you can copy any of the text that you would like for your families.

Would you do me a favor? If you would provide me with or ask everyone to provide me with all of the family information and contact information, I would appreciate it. If I could have husband and wife, children, address, phone and e-mails then I can have everyone in my address book.

I can then also thank each family personally for the wonderful hospitality. Take care and we will talk soon.

John Inman