Friday, May 18, 2007

Baby Shower for Ranamma - RSVPs & Best Wishes

Sathish Bala
Congratulations... Would love to be part of this occassion. Thanks for inviting us.

krishnamohang (+ 2 guests)
We will be there. Please send me an email if you need a helping hand with arrangements.

michelle.christensen (+ 1 guest)

Vijayalakshmi (+ 2 guests)

sorbee (+ 2 guests)

savita (+ 1 guest)
Thanks for the invite. Yes we will love to be a part of this happy occasion. Savita

Gurmeet (+ 3 guests)

Cathy (+ 1 guest)


giri (+ 2 guests)
sireesha.mallavarapu (+ 1 guest)

Sonika (+ 2 guests)
Congratulations! We will be there.

sujeevan (+ 2 guests)
Congratulations Rani & Ajay!

sivsha (+ 3 guests)
We will definitely be there. A big congrats.

narayana (+ 2 guests)

pallavikoneru (+ 2 guests)
Congratulation! We will be there.

siddiramesh.bondhi (+ 3 guests)

durgakprasad (+ 1 guest)
Dear Ajay & Rani, We are so much excited to hear the good news...CONGRATULATIONS to the parents-to-be. Its definitely going to be a wonderful journey together with the arrival of your new born. Will definitely take part in the celebrations. Cheers, Medhansh ~ Shanti ~ Durgaprasad

ngoli (+ 2 guests)

rsdasika (+ 2 guests)
We will be there !

vchavali (+ 1 guest)
Congratulations, Ajay & Rani. We will be there, definitely

sudheer (+ 1 guest)
Congratulations! We will be there.

Vikram (+ 1 guest)
We will be there to congratulate and bless the couple..

Prasad (+ 2 guests)
Great news! Congratulations Ajay & Rani. Yes, we will be there for the celebration.

Prasad & Arathi

Congrats Ajay and aparna. i will be there.

congratulations, I will be there. thank you for your invitation

Will surely be there.

v-ksastr (+ 1 guest)
We have a prior commitment at the same time. We will try to come for some time.

Jennifer and Richard (+ 3 guests)
Congratulations! We are so happy and excited for you! What an amazing journey you are about to embark on. We hope we can be there to help celebrate but we have a crazy busy day and are unsure how the kids are going to do. Hopefully one of us can at least stop by.

shah.haroon (+ 1 guest)

gned (+ 1 guest)
Congratulations. Hope to make it.

Thank you for inviting me. congratulations and good luck. I am unable to attend because of other plans. Sorry about it. Have fun

Rani and Ajay: It is wonderful and great news. Congratulations, and heart felt welcome to the parents club. I am sorry that I will be out of town on Saturday but we will come and visit you soon. -Ramulu

Hey..that's great occasion. Wish I was a part of this :-( Probably I may come after third member's arrival :-) Miss you all..have fun and please share the pictures..